Sunday, February 8, 2009

Church Basketball

Yesterday our women's church basketball games began. The night before I was thinking I didn't even want to go. The more I thought about it, I realized I was feeling that way because I didn't know anyone else and my basketball skills are dodgy at best. But I have always had fun when I've played in the past, and I knew I'd be glad I did it. So I bucked up and went for it.

Before I left, I asked Chad to give me a few quick tips. He told me to play either forward or center. This is how utterly pathetic I am: "Where do they play?" Luckily, I know Chad doesn't think a thing about my asking that and he just helps me out.

A couple of weeks ago I told Chad I wanted to brush up on some skills. We worked mostly on rebounds. So when I played at the game, I must say that my rebounds were pretty awesome. Now, that doesn't mean I got them back up for the shot very much. But I made some improvements.

Let's put the in perspective: the quarters were 6 mintues and the score at teh end of the game was, like, 16-18. Chad just cracks up when I tell him this. But I don't care. It was fun.

In the middle of a game, one middle-aged lady calls out, "Get on the big girl! I mean the tall girl!" But, hey, I was rebounding so awesomely (for my standards) that I didn't even care if she called me the big girl on accident. Whatev.

At one timeout, our team is talking and one lady looks over at me with concern on her face and asks, "Do you need to sit this one out?" I'm redfaced and sweaty. "No," says I, "this is just how I am." I am aware sweat grosses out a lot of women. I can't let it bother me because it is part of me whenever physical activity is involved. Always has been. I used to get self-conscious about it. I've had to get over it. I'm not going to let it keep me from what I want to do.


shelley evans said...

I, like you was always the first to break a sweat. My face also would get beet red. It must be in our genes. A new teacher would always ask me if I was ok.

Maren & Blake said...

There is NO way you are the 'big' girl. I should look into a basketball league here. I too would have the same concerns as you, but it sounds like you had a blast. As for sweating, what's the big deal with it? It's just some extra glowage.

Doug and Rachel said...

Nicole, I remember doing lay-ups with you at the outdoor basketball courts at Rivera in Merced. Good times and that may have been the last time we both played some serious basketball, eh...or at least it feels that way sometimes. Basketball is a lot of fun and it's a good workout. If it makes you feel better, I was doing a group "abs" class and one of the people next to me called me a "bleeder" because I was sweating so much. Us Millers got it bad.

Jennettehogan said...

Wow - you are so brave. I dont think that I could join a basketball team (for many, many reasons!)