Monday, February 9, 2009

My History with Cars

I can't complain. All of my driving years I can give thanks to my wonderful parents who provided me with a car to drive. I got around. My parents gave me more than I deserved. But let me tell you a little about these cars. The first car I drove was a red chevy pickup. You could hear it coming a mile away. If I was going to pick up a friend, she knew I was there before I was there. At the end of it's life, it had a short in some wires in the steering wheel, and whenever I turned left, it honked nonstop. Totally embarrassing. And it had the tendency to overheat...a LOT.

Next, we inherited, from my Nana and Grandpa, a red Nova. Now, maybe if you're 70-something, a Nova in the day was alright. For my generation it was associated with NOT being the greatest. But, hey, who am I to complain? Well, the day this baby died, I was rounding a corner just close to home, and smoke starts billowing from under the hood. Bye-bye baby.

If memory serves, the next car was a red (seeing a pattern here?) VW bug. It was cute. My friend, Michael, who had a brand-new car (Saturn? Accord?) wanted to trade me for a full 24 hours. Hey, I'm willing to sacrifice for friends. My bug was not so quiet either. And it had problems. It was on it's way to give up the ghost, but we were able to sell it once we were in Utah. We were just thankful it survived the drive to the buyer's home.

In Germany it was an Audi. Not perfect, but a beautiful car. The best I'd ever driven. Unfortunately, because of the specs in the states, we couldn't bring it back with us. :(

Once we got back, I owned a Fox. That puppy was a problem all-around. My brother, who inherited it after me, plowed it into some barrier on a snowy day, or something like that, I'm told.

So you see I've had my fair share of cars. Like I said, I'm grateful I just had one to drive! But with every car I've ever driven, there have been problems. I can smell them coming a mile away. Chad thinks I overreact. Well, our Sienna has been having some electrical/battery issues for months, now.

Today I get to Micah's school to pick up him and his little buddy, Adrienne. We pile in the car, and....NOTHING. Car-no-starty. Argh! Please, no. So we unload, call Adri's mom, she comes to our rescue, along with her hubby. He hops in my car, and 'vroooom', it starts right up. I am not crazy. Cars and I do not get along. This bad boy's going in tomorrow to be dealt with.

Jennette and Clark, thank you so much for your cheerful help.


shelley evans said...

I so know what you mean. I pratically know something is wrong with a car before the car knows...

Jennettehogan said...

Your so funny!
My first car was a 1970 something chevette. When I turned it off and took the key out of the ignition, it would still run (kinda like a ticking sound). Reading your blog reminded me of that run-down little thing - but I was so happy to have it while I was a senior in high school!
Clark and I didnt mind coming to the school today. I am just glad that it started and you didnt have to leave it at the school. Hopefully they will get it fixed tomorrow. There is nothing worse than having an unreliable car!

Maren and Blake said...

There is always such a love/hate relationship with cars. My true love ('The Rattler' I called her) was traded in to get our Camry. She was a beautiful red 1992 Mazada MX6. Blake and I both kick ourselves for trading it in. It was paid off, ran great and we only got like $200 bucks for it. We would have a 2nd car now. I miss her dearly.