Friday, February 6, 2009

So Big

I was not planning on starting the potty training now, but apparently Mira has decided it's time. I think seeing her older siblings has inspired her. She's so interested in other people going 'potty'. She tries to be as involved as she possibly can when nature calls for other family members. When she first expressed interest in going to the bathroom, (I'm so bad) I tried putting her off. But she was insistent. So I've accepted that. She is now the proud owner of princess pull-ups.
Here she is, doing her best to get them up. She has to do a little shimmy to get them over her behind. She feels like such a big girl. It's fun to watch. She's no baby anymore.


Maren said...

I can't believe how big she is. Does she have a lot of accidents? Let us know how it goes.

Amber said...

I remember when I came over when we took Ella for her birthday dinner and the first thing Mira Catherine did when she saw me was show me her big girl underwear. That's how big of a deal it is to her. I hope it's all going well.

Jennettehogan said...

Oooh potty training. I am so glad that Ben is starting it too! Ben is excited about his "Diego" pull ups.
Good luck!

Hillary said...

Good luck! I tried with Jack a while ago, and it didn't go so well. I figured I would wait until he shows more active interest. I hope I didn't mess him up by starting and stopping, oh well.