Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Erin Go Bragh

This morning I awaken and remember it's St. Patrick's Day. (FYI: it's St. PaDDy's day, not PaTTy's) Oh, I was going to have something cute for the kids to have for breakfast. Hmm, the boys are up in 15 minutes. Not much time. I throw together muffins and add green food coloring. Voila! Everyone's happy and festive.

To carry on, I had bought a corned beef to prepare. Thing is, I've never made it, and don't think I'm much of a fan. But we gotta keep the theme going, don't we? So I've got my crock pot stuffed with the meal, as you can see here: (yes, I know it's purple cabbage)
An hour or so later I walk into my kitchen wondering what in the world smells so bad. I take out the garbage, go sniffing around everywhere, when I realize what it is. Ever cooked cabbage? That's the stinkiest stuff around (next to cauliflower). Smells like we've got a break in the sewage line. I don't have high hopes for this meal.

Speaking of Irish food, I have been asked what strange foods I had to eat on my mission. Really, I never had anything bizarre. No tripe or anything like it. Lots of bad cooking. Waaaay too much chocolate. An excess of fried food. And potatoes. But I did discover a true love there. Indian curries. One of my companions, Emma (then Ferguson) Siddy, introduced me, she being from Manchester. It was a fantastic companionship in many ways, but our united love of curry solidified it!

Hope your St. Patrick's Day was pinch-free and fun. Having children in grade school brings back many memories from my growing-up. I take the threat of pinching very seriously! :)


Maren and Blake said...

You'll have to let us know how the dinner turns out. I was curious what type of foods you ate in Ireland. Indian curry is one of our favs. In fact, Blake has requested we go find a place for his birthday dinner outing this weekend.

Rebecca said...

Lance made us a corned beef and even invited my MOTHER to lunch with us! He did cook veggies with it -potatoes, carrots, and celery -seriously- WHO likes boiled celery? I think it's WAY worse than cabbage! Albiet not so stinky... :)

*Thanks for the invite to your blog!