Sunday, March 22, 2009

Little Things

Mira's favorite activity lately is doing watercolors. She will spend an hour doing it, if I let her. I've noticed she seems to really like the blues, purples, and greens the most. She'll do page after page. It's when she starts painting on her forehead and belly I put an end to it. She's on cloud nine with her creative juices flowing!
This morning I made crepes and bacon for breakfast. I looove crepes! Put creme cheese and jam in the middle and that's a little slice of heaven, folks. Today was Sunday, so we had time to sit around together as a family, relax and eat. Nice. On school mornings I try to have good breakfasts for everyone. I love having something warm and filling to start the day. We do egg/cheese wraps, waffles, sausage, bagels, pancakes...doesn't have to be difficult. But I know the kids enjoy it and it's a little love comin' from Momma right to their bellies!
Today Micah was feeling a little poorly, so I kept him home from church (you'll notice his bright pink cheeks from fever). We worked on shoe-tying. He got it! It actually didn't take much...I'd begun to teach him a while back, but he was having trouble with it. He was ready this time. Picked it right up. He was so proud. I told him, now that he's got the shoe-tying down, he can conquer the bike riding. He wasn't too keen on that. But that's our big goal this spring for him.
He insisted I get a close-up of his newly tied shoe.


Maren and Blake said...

What cute pictures of the kids. There aren't enough of Colin. The breakfast looks delicious. I would love that recipe.

I hope Micah gets better.

Jennettehogan said...

Go Micah! Shoe tying is hard! Too bad he wasnt feeling well. Hopefully today he is feeling better.
What a cute little artist Mira is. I could olny imagine the trouble Ben would get into with paints.....

Mmmm....Crepes sound good today

buildingburkmemories said...

I think the breakfast looks delicious...I wish I was there to eat it..I love creeps as well...we will make them on special occasions so that is fun but we do strawberries or bannans and syrup and whip cream....yummmm!!!!!!!

Rebecca said...

WOW, the crepes are ambitious! My sister Mary makes some mean crepes. I'm gonna have to start wheeling and dealing for her to hook a girl up!

Nah, I can't do it myself! BTW, have you tried them with nutella? :)