Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Still Going at It

We've got the realtor coming tomorrow, so we're in a frantic rush to do as much as we possibly can beforehand. This is the way our living room looks now (minus the 2 white patches on the wall which are now painted over). We took out the smallest couch, ottoman full of toys, and rearranged things a bit. Did a little shopping at Target (or as I like it called for those of the European persuasion, pronounced 'Tar-jay'). Got some nifty greenery and whatnot to spruce the house up a bit.
The kids love to be the ones to get Mira up from her naps. Micah/Ella (or both!) will sometimes climb into the crib with her. Micah wanted to read to her, so I caught this on tape with my mom in the room. Too bad it's so short. The memory on my card was full. But you get the idea. Darling!



Amber said...

Wow! Your living room looks great! Isn't it funny what a little re-arranging does? Your house looked so good on Saturday. I can see all the hard work you are putting into it. I am so excited for you on getting a new house. You are moving, my parents are moving..pretty much everybody but me. Tiny bit jealous because I would love a house. Oh yeah, there is a $6000 grant for brand new construction homes right now. I don't know much about it but you can probably find some info about it on the internet or you can call me at work and I will get a loan officer for you. Just something else to think about!

Maren and Blake said...

The front room looks great. I heard your kitchen looks different too, I would love to see a picture of that. It's weird to think we may not ever see that house again.

Your mom is so cute in the video. And Micah is such a good little reader. I hope he will climb into Braden's crib and read to him in Couer d'Alene.

Nicole Barnett said...

Thanks, guys! Amber, from what I understand, the $6,000 stipend is for first-time homebuyers who make under $75,000. But, like I said, that's from what I've heard and I'm not sure the info is exact.

Jennettehogan said...

Wow - it sounds/looks like you have been hard at work with your house! I love your accessories you bought at tar-get. You will have to let me know what the Realtor says today.

Amber said...

There are a couple different grants going on right now. There is one for first time home buyers and one for new construction homes. I will try to get some more info on it tomorrow and e-mail it over to you.