Thursday, April 23, 2009

So All We Could Do Was to Sit, Sit, Sit Sit

...And we did not like it, not one little bit!

Could we please get some traffic through our home? Please?

The tulips are bursting, the grass is as green as it will ever be, and the leaves on our 6 big trees are about to leaf out. It's the perfect time for this house to be seen! I know I'm overly anxious, but I just want to get this show on the road. It's the uncertainty that I'm having a hard time with.

I've decided to relax on the upkeep of the house. For about a week there, I was trying to keep the house standing at attention in case someone came through at any moment. But we are always given at least 2 hours' notice, so what's the use? It takes off a lot of stress not to be so uptight about the house.

I got to talk to Doug today and he reminded me of a useful bit of information from our beloved Dave Ramsey. When your home is priced competitively and is still having trouble selling, you can offer the buying realtor say, $1,500 to bring someone through who purchases by a certain date. That way, realtors are more inclined to bring potential buyers through. You get more traffic, and it ups your chance of getting the property sold. I know, I know, we're not 2 weeks into this, officially. I'm putting the cart before the horse. But it's something to keep in mind.

On a side note, today the girls wanted to wear their leotards and tutu's outside and to the gym. Who am I to say no? I do it all day long on a million other issues, so why not? They looked so stinking adorable and it brings a smile to people's faces. They love to wear their Cinderella dresses out and about and I could care less. They love it and they're covered, right?


Maren and Blake said...

It must be hard to just sit around and wait for that perfect person to walk through, especially when you want to get going on the house of your dreams. You will get it sold. I am sure it was nice to talk to Doug.

Jennettehogan said...

I know it can be so frustrating! Hang in there! It will happen!!!
On a side note I lOOOOVE Dave Ramsey!!!! Did you know he is coming next month? If you want to go, Clark has a promotion code that you can use while buying tickets online to get some money off the tickets......