Thursday, April 9, 2009

This Will Be a Journey

Our house-hunting excursion yesterday was a bit of a disappointment. We saw homes in Draper, Riverton, South Jordan, and Herriman. Herriman is officially 'out'. It would take Chad (on a good day) 20 minutes to drive to work. All the newest homes are out there, but it's simply not worth it.

Draper is still in the running because of it's proximity to I-15. The home we saw there had a rockin' basement. However, the back yard was a joke. Terraced so there was almost no room to run around. There was a trampoline positioned right next to the top terrace so that one bad jump and our kids fall 10 feet to the rocky ground below. One thing I did take away from this home was that I love venetian plaster!! They had it colored this gorgeous buttery/brown color with European dark wood doors and it was amazing. So if we ever have to finish a basement or room, that's what I'm going for.

This was a learning experience. I now know that I'm looking for a home that has privacy inside and in the backyard. I don't want people across the street to be able to see me in my house through windows near my front door. And I don't want to stand in my backyard and see all my neighbors. Privacy is essential. And a great backyard for kids.

There was one home that was the best one, in my opinion. It was built in 1992. Chad is having a hard time wrapping his head around buying a home not built after 2000. But this home backed to a farm. And I'll be upfront and say I do not mind having cows as my neighbors. I don't even mind the smell. It wasn't super-impressive with all the junk all over. Apparently, the owner thought we weren't coming until the next day. So it wasn't in shape to show. Toys and stuff all over. Looked like the kids ruled the roost, for sure. But I think it would look a lot different if she and all her stuff were out of there. It was at the end of a cul-de-sac and I thought it was a nice possibility.

But I still have this nagging feeling that the home for us is still out there, waiting to be found. It's going to take a lot of looking. I'm hoping, with spring coming, a lot of homes will pop up and we'll find some good possibilities.

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Maren and Blake said...

Housing hunting can be so much fun, but so exhausting as well. What a great attitude to look at things you do like about each house and possibly use them for YOUR house. Keep us updated and I want to see pictures when you find that perfect house.