Sunday, May 31, 2009

Just Another Sunday

The day starts out with Chad going almost immediately downstairs to begin 'the interviews'. Dum-da-dum. This is when he takes each child into the office and spends time visiting, reading some scriptures, paying them money they've earned, setting aside tithing, talking about goals for the summer (chores, piano, reading), etc. I like to come down and peek in once in a while. I can tell that the kids just love having that one-on-one with Dad. It shows he cares about them individually and is taking the time (and it's serious time, folks!) to get to know him/her personally.

One gem of knowledge Chad recently discovered was regarding how to parent Micah. They were out practicing tennis yesterday and Chad realized that, with Colin, he can say, "Not like that, Colin. Hit the ball this way." But with Micah, he has to take a different approach, or it will break down Micah and he'll want to give up. Instead, he takes this approach, "You know Micah, when I was learning how to play tennis, my teacher taught me to do it this way (demonstrate)." And Micah can take it no problem. Chad shared this discovery with me last night and I was so proud of my husband!

Back to Sunday mornings, Chad's sequestered down in the basement and I'm occupied with getting clothes ironed, the fixings for dinner prepared, getting the girls showered and dressed. I mean, we're starting this day at, like 7:30 and are going full-force until it's time to leave to be at church at 1. Sometimes it can be a lot of work, but today was so fulfilling and feels like the right thing for us to be doing on Sunday.

We had a most scrumptious dinner (if I do say so myself!). It was a perfect summer meal: Grilled marinated chicken kebabs with red, yellow, orange bell peppers and onions (yes, Amber, I made the exact same thing again today, we liked it so much!), a lovely green salad, fresh fruit (strawberries, cantaloupe, blackberries) and fruit dip, and rolls. I hit the spot like nothing else would have! And the kids were so hungry I don't even think I heard any complaining, hallelujah!!


Maren and Blake said...

What a good Sunday. I think the interviews are great. A good friend does this with her kids, however, they are allowed to invite mom in to the interviews if they would like. Most of the time they do.

It's funny how kids from the same parents can be so different. It will be interesting to see what our 2nd is like, whenever that happens.

Amber said...

It sounds like you had a nice Sunday. I laughed about dinner. I don't blame you for having it again. It was so good! In fact I need to go to the store and get that marinade. By the way, have I told you that I make the southwest chicken recipe ever other week? Its about the only thing I cook.

Rebecca said...

What a perfect day. :)

Rachael said...

I LOVE that interview idea! What a good dad!

Chrissy said...

I love the idea of interviews with your kids! As for Chad noticing the best way to guide Micah...well...what can I say? You've got a GREAT husband! :D

Graduation pictures up above are adorable too. I cried like a BABY at Christian's graduation to second grade. It's so hard to see him growing up- very proud, but feel like I'm losing my baby boy.