Sunday, May 17, 2009

May Days

Yesterday evening, as we're rounding up the kids for bedtime, I'm calling Ella for the bedtime story and I hear her voice, but can't locate her. I thought I heard her in her bedroom, but didn't see her. Upon further inspection, there she is, all snug and cozy in her toy box inside her closet. She didn't want to come out. It was her new "cozy place". How fun to be young and little and squeeze in somewhere small and make it your own.
Yesterday Chad ran his 1/2 marathon (13.1 miles). Yikes. In 2:14. This is right after he came through the finish line. The kids were excited to see Dad and congratulate him. Colin asked how old you have to be to run one. He tells me he'd like to do one when he's a teenager. It was inspiring, standing at the finish line and watching the runners come in. You saw those who came in just under 2 hours, who probably had that 'time to beat' on their minds for months. We saw a wheelchair marathoner come in just after 2 hours--incredible. Families, husband/wife teams, younger, older. It was terrific to watch.
Tonight we had Mom and Dad Barnett, Amber, and my mom over for dinner (Dad's in Texas visiting Chris). It was such a beautiful day. Must've been 80-something degrees. Barbecued bratwurst, homemade french fries, corn on the cob (or, as Ella might accidentally call it 'corn-on-the-dog'). Nice to visit. The kids love to spend time with their grandparents and any aunts and uncles they can get!
On a side note, my friend, Laynie, who's been profoundly deaf since birth, recently had a cochlear implant. It's been incredible following her journey into the world of the hearing. She talks about the new discoveries she makes on her blog: You can see video of her doing listening therapy as well. It's hard to imagine what it would be like going from hearing next to nothing to the toilet flushing, your cereal 'talking' to you in the morning, yourself chewing, a page turning, etc. The science is amazing.


Maren and Blake said...

Tell Colin that I ran my half marathon with 2 teenagers in my ward (well, they lapped me at mile 5, but that's ok). Congrats Chad. You have 2 under your belt, I am impressed, plus the marathon.

Ella is so cute. I remember I went through a month or two phase of sleeping on a pad in my closet. It was just something different that I could control. Kids are so cute.

Jennettehogan said...

Wow - your friends blog is amazing. So many little sounds that we just dont think twice about. That is awesome that she is able to experience it now.

Wolfe Pack home edition said...

Hey there it's Jenna- how interesting about Laynie, because was just thinking of her the other day! How exciting.