Monday, May 11, 2009

Quite a Weekend

This weekend was filled with celebrations. Colin's birthday Saturday, and Mother's Day Sunday. It was terrific!

Sweet Ella
Mother's Day before church with my two handsome boys.
With the smiley girls.
Chad and I
I send out a big 'I love yoooouuuuu!' to my mom. I got to spend a little time with her Sunday. (Wish I had a picture to post. I'll steal hers to post when I can get it.) I have a dear mother, indeed. She always strove to make our home one of peace and love. She gives compliments freely, expresses love through word and deed, and is ready to drop anything at a moment's notice for her children. I realize more and more how blessed I was to have her raise me.
Colin's 8th birthday party. He had such a blast on this 'bike riding birthday'. All his friends brought their bikes and rode around the trails. You can see the joy on Colin's face as everyone sings to him.
Micah's running toward me, with Chad trailing everyone on the path, and Ella on her trike.
Mira and I held down the fort with watermelon and juice drinks for refreshment.
Ella's all ready for some fun!
Colin geared up.

Colin got to go out with each set of grandparents for dinner and shopping. Boy, did he feel like a king! His birthday is going to be quite separate from his baptism. The baptism will take place in several weeks. He can hardly stand the wait!


Maren and Blake said...

It does sound like a busy weekend. I can't believe how big Colin is getting. I wish we could have been there to celebrate.

Happy Mother's Day to you. You are looking incredibly skinny. I am quite jealous. I got your e-mail about all your activities coming up. It sounds like things aren't slowing down for a long while.

Chris Miller said...

That picture with you, Ella, and Mira is tooooooooo funny! I like the face Mira made.

Amber said...

It looks like Colin's party was a hit with everybody. Sorry I couldn't be there. Where was the party at? It looks like a place I might want to check out. I have some books for you. I may stop by in the next day or two with them.

Jennettehogan said...

Love the pictures of you and your family!
Jackson had a great time at the birthday party. He talked all about it as I was taking him to his dads!

buildingburkmemories said...

Hey I love the pic of you and your kids...and your look so beautiful...Also he could you send me your I can invite you to my blog...getting to many people looking at it that I don't got to block send email to my ok thanks

Rebecca said...

Oh yeah, your Ella reminds me of mine. :)