Thursday, June 11, 2009

Going Green

...our yard, that is. It has been raining nearly-steadily for the past 4 days, it seems. The upside to that is I don't have to worry about those spots in my yard the sprinkler misses and begin to turn brown. I also have an excuse not to mow. The downside is, of course, that we're all stuck indoors. The combination of kids indoors all day and not having slept enough is never good.

I don't know what gets into me sometimes. I am quite aware that I've never been a night person. But once in a while, after the kids are in bed, I get my second wind and think I can handle staying up to around midnight. Of course I pay for it the next day. And I'm never up that late doing worthwhile things like family history, sewing, or studying. No, it's searching random topics on Wikipedia or Youtube. Yes, frivolous and wasteful. And it comes back to bite me. Go ahead and tell me to learn my lesson already.

Chad was recently informed that pictures from his 1/2 marathon are available to view online. If you go to: you can see the 7 photos of Chad's effort (he's in the blue). Even though he's pretty wiped out by the time he comes in, he so appreciates having family there to support him. The kids are so proud of their dad. Colin asked how old one has to be to run in one because he'd like to someday. Awesome example, Daddy!!

We just had our carpet stretched and cleaned. They needed it so badly! It had been probably 2 years since they'd been done. And the high traffic areas are quite noticeable. It now looks so much better. (New rule: no shoes, food, or drink on the carpet!!) We had a showing today and I'm confident the look of the carpets made a difference. I wish we would've done it as soon as we put it up. Funny, I ask the guy how long it will take to dry, thinking, "Don't tell me a few hours because I know it won't!". "Oh, a couple of hours and it should be dry." Right. 24 hours later and it's still damp.

I'd better get going on those grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. I know, I go all out, don't I?

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Maren and Blake said...

Your lawn will look great for those house seekers. As for sleeping, I must have the same problem. Can't sleep well at night and pay for it dearly the next day. I usually just lay in bed, I should probaby surf the internet, at least I would be doing something.

It's so great to have a dad that kids look up to. I hope Colin runs a half, I am sure he would love it. My friend's 6 yr old son just ran a 5K (and almost beat my time), maybe he could do that.