Thursday, June 4, 2009

I don't think I'll ever have this figured out--how to upload images in the correct order. So we're going progressively back in time.

Ella just had her preschool 'graduation' from the Terrace School of Music and Dance. She had a wonderful teacher, Ms. Clark who made preschool feel like home away from home. She was sweet and patient with each child. Here is Ella (perhaps a bit less than enthusiastic) marching with her class, drumming to, "The Ants Go Marching". She seems to shy away from being in the spotlight. I don't know if I'm right about this. Maybe we just need to find her niche. Or maybe she's just reserved. But I made a similar comment to her primary teacher and she thought Ella was quite outgoing. I guess I have more to discover about my little girl.
Here is Ella saying her part with her teacher helping her.
Squirmy Mira Catherine temporarily hushed on Daddy's shoulders. I'm telling you this is a girl who just can't sit still or be quite for more than 2 seconds! She is constantly on the go. I dare anyone to keep her hushed in church.
Cutie-pie in her mortarboard. The hat only made it for about 1 minute, but she looked pretty cute!
Colin and Micah the evening of Micah's recital. Colin had his last week. And this totally captures Micah's personality. Colin's more aware of what publicly acceptable and wouldn't do a thing (or so he thinks) to embarrass himself in public!

Micah and his piano teacher, Ms. Clark (a different Ms. Clark). She was perfect for him. Strict and fast-paced. Just what our man needs. He can give adults in charge a run for their money if they're not prepared!
Chad, being the Cubmaster in our area, is conducting the pinewood derby. He, Colin, and Grandpa Barnett built the car together. Colin chose the design and painted it. He was so excited about the race.
A little toothy grin from our Mira mid-race.
Colin and others looking on. He ended up not placing. The kid who won had quite the aerodynamic little thing. His father's a pilot and apparently knew just how to form the car for it to have maximum speed. We just have to send out regular reminders to Colin that the Cub Scout motto is, "Do your best." It's not about winning; it's about learning and growing.
Micah with his Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Arnow at Kindergarten graduation. I don't know why he looks so stoic here, but he loved Kindergarten and has learned soooo much. Amazing to think next year he'll be going to school all day long! My babies are growing older! I didn't realize it would happen so quickly.


Maren and Blake said...

WHy are the kids SO cute? I can't wait to hear them play the piano when you guys come out in August.

Jennettehogan said...

What a busy time with graduations!! Your kids look so cute - and I know Micah's piano teacher!! Small world....