Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Day Arrives

I was trying to get a shot of Colin for our ward's bulletin board when Mira pops in the picture. She can't resist being part of any picture-taking now.
Happy boy!

And this is the day of his baptism. What an anticipated event this was! He was practically jumping out of his skin with excitement the hour before we left for the baptism. You can see it on his face.
It's been wonderful to watch this eldest son of mine learn and grow. I can see such a difference in him within the last year. He understands so much about baptism and confirmation. He's inquisitive and loves all he's learning.
Sweet siblings excited for their brother. Tonight, before bed, Micah wrote in his own little makeshift journal and said, "Today Colin got baptizb (baptized)!!!!!!!!! I can,t wate to get bapizd Wen I get baptizb it will be fun." Just look how proud he is of his big brother. Awesome!
Colin loves his dad!
Our family
Love that boy!

The whole family... at least those who were able to attend. We missed you Doug, Rachel, Theron, Grant, Kate, Paige, Chris, Blake, Maren, and Braden! Thanks for the well-wishes you've sent Colin's way!
After the baptism
What a wonderful program it was. This was a stake baptism, and Colin was one of 4 children baptized. It was so nice to have everything taken care of. We just had to show up and they took care of the program. It was short and sweet. After Colin's baptism, our party moved to another room where we waited for Colin and Chad. While waiting, Brother Ball (a counsellor in the bishopric) asked people to share experiences they've had with Colin. Grandpa Barnett said he loves to perform for people: singing, sharing knowledge, piano, etc. Grandma Miller related her experience taking Colin birthday shopping last year and how she noticed for the first time how reserved and stoic he can be when in public or around people he doesn't know. (He does not like to be embarrassed!) Sister Leininger, his primary teacher, said that he was a leader in the class. Because of his understanding of the gospel, she's able to go more in-depth into the lesson and in the scriptures. And he's always telling his class what his dad taught him.
Even if the baptism had only been our immediate family, that would have been sufficient. It was the right choice Colin made and we were very happy. Having family and friends there was the icing on the cake. (Dave and Roxanne Ball; Jackie, Callie, and Kenzie Leininger; Jennette Hogan and her children Jackson and Katelyn; Sue Albertson; Landon Spencer.) We so appreciate the support of good people!


Doug and Rachel said...

Congrats Colin! Again, we wish we could've been there, but we were thinking about you! Such special days are great! So, everyone looks so much bigger! Longer hair and everything - cute - we miss you all. Sounds like the day was great!

Maren and Blake said...

We are so proud of you. I can't believe how big everyone is getting. (I just noticed Rachel wrote that too.) When we called last night I couldn't believe it was Micah I originally spoke too, he sounded so much like Colin. And Nicole, you are looking so good!

P.S. We love Chad's watch line on his wrist in the family baptism photo.

Chris Miller said...

Congrats Colin! Really proud of you.

The picture of your family with Chad and Nicole in the back and the kids in front reminded me of the Verizon bars commercial (the one). All the kids almost equal distant in height. Thought that was funny~!

Rachael said...

Congrats Colin!!! I can't believe he's already eight! What a neat day for the whole family!

Jennettehogan said...

We were so happy to be a part of the big day! He looked so happy and proud......I couldnt believe we almost missed it! We sat in the chapel and then I realized that everyone had left! We practically ran down the hall and then rushed in just as Chad was starting! Ahh!