Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fast Life

The day started early. I didn't think I'd get the boys out of bed. In order to accomplish this, I resorted to make-believing I was making cinnamon rolls and they were the dough (kneading, rolling, spreading butter, sprinkling cinnamon and sugar...tickled like crazy). They thought it was great, but it wasn't good enough to get them up. So next came my dancing like a complete goofball and odd singing to a primary song (I hope it's not too blasphemous). They liked that even better, I think. That got them going. (The girls were much easier.)

We got out the door by the skin of our teeth and off to the boys' tennis lessons and my Body Combat. Then get the house in shape for a showing, lunch, swim lessons, piano...and the day is packed. I'm worn out. Micah's got swimmer's ear and he's feeling a little cranky (understandably so). Couldn't the kids put themselves to bed just once in a while? Is that too much to ask? I guess it is. But I can dream.

Yesterday's dinner was the worst choice. I rarely eat out, but yesterday evening came and went and I hadn't eaten. So I'm driving, imagining all the good food out there, all prepared and waiting for me. At first I thought Wendy's. That's usually the old standby if I'm going fast food at all. But then I remembered the Carl's Jr. that's so close. Oh, and their $6 burgers are just fantastic. So not only did I order the burger, but the whole meal. Oh, but instead of a soda I substituted an orange shake. I got that goodness home and downed it all. Was I hurting afterward? Yes. Could've done without the shake. But it was good... So I'm curious, what's your weakness when eating out?


Rebecca said...

Oh man, I LOVE the fish sandwich from McDonalds! ..Sounds gross, I know. You have to have them put extra sauce on it, but oh man, it's good times. :)

I agree! When are these kiddos gonna put themselves to bed once in a while???

Jennettehogan said...

I love the food at Carl's Jr....total splurge! Their shakes are soooooo yummy!!!