Saturday, July 18, 2009

Free Swim Saturday

The morning started off with Micah and Ella being whisked away to Grandma and Grandpa Miller's. Micah and Grandpa baked pumpkin bread--special request by Micah--no nuts or raisins but lots of chocolate chips. And Ella took off with Grandma to do a little shopping. They came back happy as could be. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

With R.A.M.P. (recreation arts museums parks) hosting (and I use that term lightly since we are paying for it, after all!) different activities in the area, we've decided to take the opportunity to participate. Today we went to Lorin Farr Pool. This is one pool where I lifeguarded and taught Water Safety in '94. The kids were so stoked to check out the place where Mom used to work. But I guess everyone else in downtown Ogden thought it was a great idea, too, because that place was packed! We had to stand outside in the heat for nearly an hour, waiting for our turn to get in. Once we were inside I was quickly reminded that we were indeed in Ogden City. 'Nuff said. When we pulled up, a lifeguard was cleaning from the pool something that looked rather suspicious to me. I know, that should've been enough to send us away. But we toughed it out and the kids actually had a great time. They asked if we could come back another time. No-go kids. Sorry.

Moral: Not all 'free Saturdays' are all they're cracked up to be.


Maren and Blake said...

Yeah, Ogden is really getto. That's why Blake is always insistent that he's from NORTH Ogden. You guys are just so busy. After reading these 2 stories, maybe I am NOT ready for 2 kids. Maybe we will wait until Braden is at least 18 months.

Jennettehogan said...

I have been wanting to take advantage of the R.A.M.P. thing all summer but havent yet. I thought about doing the Roy Aquatic center last month but thought it would be super crowded. I am sure it was! I think this Saturday is the North Ogden Pool - Maybe we will go to that, I dont know... But, yeah, we went to Lorrin Farr last summer (it wasnt on a R.A.M.P day and it was a little icky...)