Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July Already!

I cannot believe it's already July! It almost took me by surprise. We packed up everyone this morning and went for a 4 mile hike in Ogden Canyon along some stream...can't recall the name...W-something. Kids did well. Mira walked at least 2/3 of the way. We bribed the kids with chocolate chip bars once they made it to the halfway point. We stopped so the kids could chuck rocks into the river and the boys could try their hand at whittling.

Which brings me to the Cub Scout pack meeting Chad conducted last week. They all met up at for a campfire and Chad talked to them about fire safety and pocketknife safety. So now the boys are all supposedly certified to bring their pocketknives with them to den meetings if and when the leader allows it. (BIG if!) So Micah tries to implement his safety technique by making sure no one's within arm's length when he's using it. Then he tries to sharpen it on a rock and probably dulled the knife more. But it's cute and I sure enjoy watching them learn and try new things.

The kids are all doing amazingly well in the water! Colin's improving on his strokes and diving, Micah swims all over and jumps off the board. And Ella, in the past week, has just improved tremendously. She is swimming underwater and even jumped off the diving board and swam/doggie-paddled to the ladder. Chad and I are very impressed! And our Mira-girl has no fear. She'd love for me to let go of her and let her at the pool herself, not realizing she'd just go under! But she'll jump in to the water with her body submerged, kicks and does big arms all over the place. She can't get enough!

Saturday, being Independence Day, Colin and Micah are going to sell water and soda at the parade in order to earn spending money for our vacation in August. Colin said, "But, Mom, aren't you going to pay for the activities we do?" We made a deal that we'll have several planned activities that we'll pay for. But if he decides he wants to do something extra (horseback riding?) or buy something, he'll have money for it. It's good experience for them, and also curbs impulse buys!


Maren and Blake said...

That's a great way for the boys to earn money. I assume you will be doubling all the soda and water, compared to last year.

As for swimming, I can't wait to see all their skills come August. how does the house hunt go?

Doug and Rachel said...

I am impressed that Mira was able to walk so far on the hike. The Wasatch Mountains are so beautiful there around the Weber State/Ogden area. The trails and scenery are beautiful. It's good for you guys to show the kids how fun hiking is. I hope we can go together someday and enjoy it all without Grant's allergies flaring up on him. The poor kid is stuffed up as we speak. I heard him sneeze about 5 times in a row this morning. He's our Kyle Booth.

Hope you guys are well!