Saturday, July 11, 2009

July Happenings

This would be one of our two dress-up queens. And, boy, do our girls love to change outfits! On this day Mira begged to wear this holiday dress. You see, I've strategically hung up fancy dresses on the higher rung in her closet so she can't just get into them on a whim. But once she got on this number, she had to have a picture taken. And doesn't she just look pleased!
Micah was invited to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese and came back with these prized possessions.
For the 4th of July parade in North Ogden, we had both our cars loaded. Bikes, scooters, coolers, wagon, etc. There was a children's parade which Ella enjoyed participating in. She rode the famed 'Haunted Scooter'. (Which is a story in itself. We rescued the rusty thing from a stream. It's falling apart, but the kids love it still.) She rode and rode and would've gone on except that I also had Mira and a bike to carry. A great time for Ella, though!

Here are 'the boys'. Our family is conveniently divided boys/girls and it just so happens that in many instances "the girls go with the girls and the boys go with the boys," as Ella says. So here are Chad and the boys making the rounds on the parade route, trying to make some good money. Fortunately for parade-goers, the weather was mild. Unfortunately for us, that translates into not such prosperous selling. But we've still got the 24th!
Chad went up with the Cub Scouts to Camp Kiesel for their day camp. And did Colin have a blast! When he came back, I asked what his favorite activity was, but he had a top 4: boating, BB gun shooting (I could've guessed that!), archery, and slingshot. Here are dad and son:
Colin with his buddies (Miles Duke, Andy Hauenstein, Jefferson Smith, Ben Sessions, Duncan Taylor) and leader, Melanie Duke.
The ropes course was challenging but fun!

Loving it!

Cute boys!
Awww, yeah!

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