Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mount Timpanogos

I didn't think I'd get these pictures posted. We've been having lots of issues with our computer--don't ask me to identify exactly what the problem is, I don't know. And at this point, we'd like to remain in ignorant bliss and work around it. (Blake, where are you when we need you?)
We've been talking about hiking up Mount Timpanogos for some time. The last time we went, Colin was 4 and hiked up the whole way himself. (Micah was in the carrier.) The hike was beautiful. The mountains look quite different from those around Ogden. Very pretty. Everyone did really well on the hike. Mira was carried most of the way. (Chad going up, thank you honey! And I took her down.)

I don't know how many times I heard, "I'm sooo thirsty!" or "I want to stop. How much longer?" (Mostly Ella.) The boys thought the cave was pretty awesome. It was nice to be inside the cool 43 degree caves after sweating it out, getting to the top.
We just kept peppering them with, "You are awesome hikers!" "What strong muscles you have!" "We'll stop for lunch at the top." We saw squirrels, chipmunks, and a beautiful bird of some sort along the way which made it fun. I wonder just how many hypothetical situations Micah can come up with. I heard several of them: "Mom, would you rather fall down this mountain (and it's steep and far!) or be bitten by a rattlesnake?" "Would you rather jump off a 1,000 foot diving board or fall off this mountain?" "Would you rather cross paths with a bear or a rattlesnake?" Good grief, let's just enjoy the hike!!
We returned home and everyone was pretty beat. But haircuts were in order. So I cut the boys' hair. Then Ella and Mira Catherine wanted in on So they got trims. By the time I got to hop in the shower I was disgusting! I don't know how hairdressers stand it! (Well, at least they didn't have to do it sweaty and greasy after a big ol' hike I guess.)


Babelicious said...

Me and my girls did that a few weeks ago and we had a blast!! I was laughing about the would you rather....or fall down this mountain questions!! I had to encourage my girls a lot too, but I loved seeing how excited and proud they were when they got to the top. Glad you had a fun day.
(Oh yes--pics of me?? I'm the only one that ever takes pictures--I need to be better about having other people use my camera!)

Maren and Blake said...

I Love the picture with you and the kids. And it sounds like Micah and I will be having some conversations on our trip. I have many 'would you rather' scenarios. seeing all the kids and how much fun you have as a family makes me excited to expand our family. Can I skip the pregnancy part though? That's the only part I am still trying to avoid.

Doug and Rachel said...

What fun! The kids seem to be great hikers. Becca and Josh have been enjoying all the awesome hikes in Alaska too; I must say Timpanogus is one we still need to do, even growing up in the shadow of that mountain I have never been. I loved Micah's questions - my kids ask what if there weren't stores, or what if this - I try to help them think it out, but who knows when they'll get it. Love you guys!