Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chris' Visit

Chris has been loving life in Texas and came for a visit this past week. It was so good to see him. I was reminded what a great person he is. He was great to hang out with and really sweet with the kids. The highlight for me was that he joined me at CrossFit a couple of different days. And this dude is strong I realized!
Throwing around the football with Colin in Mom and Dad's backyard.
Chad and Micah going crazy in the grass tackling each other.
Having fun!
Run, Colin, run!!
And here are a couple of extras: The girls have been into getting down the tea set and playing tea party. They'll eat almost anything if I cut it up small and serve it daintily. Here they are with normally rejected pb&j sandwiches, happy as could be!
I had to throw in this one. It's pre-haircut for Ella, but Micah was on a roll with 'polishing'
lots of Ella's shoes. They went on a dig under her bed for a bunch of them, he set up his polishing stand (the underside of a trash can) and went to work with a Mr. Clean sponge...and in his undies. So he made me promise not to get his whole body. Too cute, and her shoes looked really good afterwards!


Maren and Blake said...

It's so fun to have family in town. And Micah needs to come to our house to polish some shoes.

Chris Miller said...

hey nic! Great pictures. Finally had a chance to check the blog after my trip to San Antonio. A whole week without internet...yaay!