Monday, August 24, 2009

First and Third

And they're off! Walking up to the bus stop are Colin and Micah, too excited for words. It was practically medieval torture for Colin to have to wait 1/2 hour until he could leave for the bus. I am glad they get to leave and return together since Micah's going all day now. Nearly 8 hours is a long day for a little 6 year-old. Strange to send him off and not be with him at all that whole time. Chad and I will have to make some time to go in and volunteer in each classroom. You get a better sense of how your child is doing in class and with peers.
The excitement builds! They love to 'race' the bus--they hang back a bit (along with other kids) and when they see the bus crest the hill, they all book it and try to make it to the stop before the bus. Oh, joys!
Bye, sweetie! Make good choices, be a kind friend, and learn all you can!

I got a taste for what the time after school will be like. I don't know how many directions I can be pulled before I reach my breaking point. And today was the first day! I've just got to keep a solid schedule so the boys know what's expected of them: they have a snack, relax a bit, hit homework and piano-- all before going outside with friends. Then, depending on the day: piano, soccer, tennis, scouts. Wish us luck!


Maren and Blake said...

What big boys. They look so excited. I hope their first day was great. And yay for you. Back down to 2 during the day and 1 at times. I am just building my numbers.

Nicole Barnett said...

From Mom...
Boy,first day of school brings back lots of memories of you and your brothers. They are special moments, days, and years. You and Chad will continue to be fantastic parents. It was fun to see them for a few minutes after their first day of school. I love you all. Mom