Monday, September 21, 2009

Ella's Non-First Day

Ella actually started preschool a week ago, but she refused to let me take a picture of her that day. I begged, but was denied. She also requested that I please drop her off straight from the car and not walk her up to school. That's my determined girl, right there!
You can see easily in this photo how drastic Mira's haircut is. But it's a cute one of the girls together.
Ella kept giving me these tight-lipped smiles that didn't look at all natural. I finally got some teeth, albeit a little forced.
She just loves wearing dresses from the moment she wakes up until bedtime--and perhaps more than one dress a day. I've had to put a kibosh on certain dresses that are holey and well-loved. But she looks darling in this getup. My favorite part of the outfit are the socks!


Babelicious said...

She is so cute. I love the hair with the bow. Mira still looks cute too!!

Maren and Blake said...

I love Mira's haircut. You are left with one at home. How does it feel?

Chris Miller said...

That story with Mira was REALLY funny. I remember doing that and telling mom that some bullies at school had done it; I doubt she fell for the story. She still looks cute and it'll grow back out soon enough.