Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day

Yesterday we went up to North Fork for a nice little hike. The first place we found had a small waterfall, which the kids just thought was the greatest thing ever. They didn't seem to care if we never went anywhere else. There were lots of rocks to climb over and areas to explore. I'm really noticing the boys' ability to do more now. I'm fine with them climbing all around. The girls just wish they could do as much.
I've given up on trying to figure out how to upload pictures in order. So the picture below is after the hike. We went to Pineview Reservoir and attempted fishing. No luck. But the kids each had a turn trying their hand at casting and they all had a blast exploring the lake, rocks, and a tunnel.
Back to the waterfall, here are the boys (homeboy Colin).
Even Ella could do a little rock climbing, and she felt quite proud of herself!
Micah inspecting the moss and calling over his siblings.
There's our big girl!
How cute can they be?
We brought along Chad binoculars and we all really enjoyed using them.
It was a gorgeous day, perfect for a hike. What a beautiful area in which to hike, too!
You may have noticed Mira Catherine's short hair. Now she's kinda 'matchy-matchy' with Ella. Ella's is a little more A-lined, but we're growing out Mira's bangs, too. They're all dolled up for church and look adorable.
I had to snap a shot of this. Colin brought out a few books and invited the girls to sit beside him so he might read to them. What a brother! He has been so wonderful, doing things like this. One morning a couple of days ago, he went into Mira's room right after she'd awakened and read her several books while she sat in her crib. Yesterday I asked if he could help Micah with his piano, which he gladly did. I am so impressed with his ability and willingness to help his siblings. He is a big help to me. It's just wonderful!!
Mira cheesing it for the camera!
She insisted I get a shot of the back of her hair (like I did for Ella when she had her new haircut).


shelley evans said...

I am convinced if you put dark hair on Mira she would look just like her Gramma when she was a little girl!

Nicole Barnett said...

Really??? Actually, now that you've mentioned it, I looked at these pictures of her again, and when she's smiling big especially with a crinkled nose, I can kind of see my Gram in there!

Babelicious said...

Cute pics of the family!! Could you send your big helper my way?? I could really use him. I love all the outdoor fun you guys have!

Maren and Blake said...

I love Mira's hair. That is the first thing I noticed in the pictures. It looks like you had a fun labor day. I sure miss those kids and am so excited to see them for Thanksgiving.