Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I think I can finally say we have got to get a new camera. I've wanted one for some time, but have put it off for other priorities. I can't even get my pictures to upload to my computer now. I would like some recommendations as to which camera you think is the best.

So to recap Halloween, the boys and Ella dressed up Friday to go to school. Ella was Snow White (we borrowed a really pretty costume), Micah was a vampire, and Colin was Harry Potter. They all had a great time at school playing games, eating junk, and parading around. The next day, being Halloween, Mira started off as a mermaid princess, then changed just before Trick-or-Treating into her Cinderella dress. They got a ton of candy and we couldn't have had more than 25 trick-or-treaters come by, so we've got a ton leftover. We're going to have to donate it to our bishop to hand out to kids after church or something.

Big news (for Chad and me, at least): this is the first Halloween in recorded history neither of us ate a single piece of candy. I still can't believe we did it. How tempting was it to see a peanut butter cup or peanut M&Ms in the kids' bags and pass it by! For now we've got about 10 pounds of candy on top of the refrigerator. Someone come get it before we get in trouble!!!


Maren and Blake said...

We are actually in the market for a new camera as well. I have done some research and the one we will probably go with is the Canon PowerShot SD780IS. It is 12.1 MP and shoots HD video. We like it because it is small but the quality is good. Maren can take it anywhere.

Maren and Blake said...

Like Blake said, I HATE our camera too. It's appropriate since we have the same camera. I can't help but feel bad because you have my old camera. I hope it has treated you well these past 4 years.

I was just going to make a post on my blog to see what people thought. I will keep you updated on what people say.