Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

For Christmas Eve, we headed to my parents' where Chris was visiting from Texas. It was a great Christmas Eve celebration. The first thing we did was stand outside WalMart and sing carols to raise money for the Salvation Army. Colin even made a comment that he really like doing it. The kids lasted 45 minutes, great for them in 15 degree weather! My mom took them back to the house for lunch while Chad and I braved it a while longer. But I think we made the most money when we had cute little faces singing with us.

Lunch was great--cold cuts, croissants, and quiche (recipe courtesy of Rachel-yum!). Then the kids decorated sugar cookies baked by Dad and supervised by Mom--thank you!

And then we could put off the gift-opening no longer. This was their first taste of it this year and, boy, did they love it!
Micah opening a gift with Ella and Dad watching.
Colin's turn! We should've saved the books for last. Once Colin and Micah saw their 'Guinness Book of World Records' and 'Ask Me Anything' books, they were so into those, they didn't care too much about opening anything else. They're going to devour those books. Mira opens her purple 'stole'. She and Ella felt so fancy in that and their new princess nightgowns.
Ella getting a good tickle from Chad.
Had to throw in a picture of Dad and Chris. Unfortunately, I held back on my picture-taking because of issues I've been having with my camera. I should've taken more: I didn't even get one of my Mom! But she was most definitely there, serving and loving!
Christmas morning was spent in our new home. Everyone was up by 7 and ready to go! We first did a simple breakfast and watched a short nativity movie before digging in. The kids did pretty well taking turns and watching one another open gifts. Here they are all helping get a box open.
Mira showing off her lovely My Little Pony.
Ella and her oft-requested My Size Barbie.
Mira couldn't have been happier about simple balloons!
The boys got a surprise, which ended up being their favorite thing: a double shot basketball hoop. It's already had hours of play on it by them, by Chad and me, and by visiting family. We hope it serves to occupy busy bodies this winter during school break!

Christmas day Mom and Dad Barnett and Amber came for dinner. Here they all are at our new table and chairs. For so long we've made do with a rickety table that had seen it's day and only 5 chairs, which meant someone got a bar stool or a fold-out. So having this makes life just that much more comfortable and we are really enjoying it! Merry Christmas to us, right? :)


Maren and Blake said...

The house and table look so nice. I am super jealous. I am sure it was fun to spend Christmas with your family, especially Chris. You can just see the pure joy on the kids faces. Wish we were there.

Erin said...

Oh! I am so excited for you! A new house AND a new baby on the way! How wonderful! It is so fun to read your blog posts again. I haven't done that in a long time ...on anyone's. Good luck with the rest of the settling in!

Jennettehogan said...

Looove the new table and chairs!!! Beautiful!!