Monday, December 21, 2009

Moved in

Here we are! In our new place and all settled in, thanks to the help of both our families. Mom and Dad Barnett were kind enough to let us take over their house for 2 weeks while we were in transition between South Ogden and West Jordan. My parents took the kids overnight the day before we moved in so that we could really get things organized in the house. Both sets of parents and Amber came up Saturday and went to work for us bringing things in the house, taking things out of boxes, and putting things away. Chad and I worked like dogs the entire day. We were exhausted by the end, but it was so nice to have almost everything in place.

Fast-forward one week and our Christmas decorations are up (minus the outside lights this year), as well as framed pictures and art. It really feels like home now. The boys are walking to school (that's a new one for us). We're signed up at a gym that seems like it'll be great for our family.

There are still things to be done. A preschool to find for Ella, ballet for the girls, piano for the boys, and a couple of babysitters for our occassional nights out. And Comcast is turning out to be the biggest hassle ever with the right hand not knowing what the left is doing on their end. The kids haven't met anyone else their age in the neighborhood. We hear there are lots of kids around, but no one's outside! That's one huge downside to moving in during wintertime. Luckily the boys are happy at school and are making friends there.

The boys are now on year-round school, which is foreign to me. It should be...interesting. They will get off for Christmas break the middle of this week for 1 1/2 weeks, then right into their 3 week off-track break. Craziness!! Any ideas on how to keep Mom sane during that time? I'm just glad we have double the space here. We'll need it!!

And one little tidbit of news. Okay, more than a tidbit. Around Junetime there will be a new addition to the Barnett household. We just told the kids and they're just thrilled. I told them we're going to wait to find out if it's a boy/girl until he/she is born. They can't wait! I've never waited to find out the sex of the baby before, and this time I want a true surprise. So...carseats, high chairs, diapers, and all-nighters: here we come...again! Wish us luck! :)


Amber said...

I am so excited that you are having another baby! I thought you guys were done but bam...nope I guess not! That is exciting that you are waiting to find out if it's a boy or girl. Did you guys get rid of all your baby stuff or do you have some stuff hiding around? I can't remember! Again Congrats! See you on Christmas! :)

Jennettehogan said...

yay! I am so happy for you!! I cannot believe that you are going to wait to find out the sex. When I was pregnant with Sam, Clark wanted to wait since we alread had 2 boys and 2 girls, but I am just not that patient!! - so good for you!!

Ryan Wolthuis said...

Nicole-Congrats on the new additon that is so exciting. I am glad you got all moved in and it sounds like it will be wonderful in West Jordan. I have not been to crossfit in a while but I have committed come January. Hope you have a Merry Christmas. I need your new address. love Angie

Rachael said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you and your family!!!

Hillary said...

Wow, 5 kids you are so great I admire you. Fun to wait and see what gender it is. I hope you are feeling well. All the best!