Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Cat

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I thought the day would never come. But the kids have been asking and asking and asking since before we moved for a new pet. We kept putting them off and saying we'd talk about it after we got settled. Well, that day has come.

Micah was making a birthday list and had on there 'Pet'. Which means we have to make a decision! I took the kids to the pet store. We looked at the bearded dragon, guinea pigs, rats, fish...and then we noticed the Humane Society was bringing in cats and dogs for adoption. We made our way over there. They were so pathetic in those cages! The dogs were going nuts and I knew a dog was not going to be a part of this household for at least a decade! But the cats were so adorable and sweet. We immediately spotted this orange tabby who was one of the biggest of the lot with a strong face. He was anxious to be held and just loved the attention we all lavished on him. The kids started begging.

Of course we had to have Dad in on this huge decision. We talked about it. I was not going to push the issue. I really think an animal changes family dynamics and I didn't want to do this unless we were all on board. He was hesitant (to say the least!) at first, but came to a decision...while out shoveling snow. He waltzed into the house and said, "I've made a decision. I think we should get the cat. I know you and the kids really would like it and I think it's good for them to have a pet. I like the idea and I will like the cat." Was I surprised!

So off we trooped to the pet store (with Amber in tow) and bought our furry little friend. The kids decided to name him Tiger. Very appropriate. He's 8 months old and very sweet. Still a little terrified of all the noise and commotion. He gets chased around the house. The kids trying to catch him, he trying to escape!
For now, we've kept all doors closed to bedrooms and downstairs until he gets really comfortable with this part of the house. My biggest concern was the house smelling like a cat. Cat pee to be more exact. There's almost nothing more potent and off-putting than a house that smells like that! So if you ever come to our house and it smells like that, I've entered my nightmare! But he's got the litter box thing down and I'm not worried about that. I hope ever!
Sweet thing.
This cat is going to have to get used to volume! It's always going on. We're a lively place, here. But this cat will never want for love and attention, that's for sure.


Maren and Blake said...

You brave parents. I like that Braden's allergic and it gives us an excuse. I am sure the kids will love him so much and he will be so happy with you guys.

Chris Miller said...

Be careful of the cat box Nic (Toxoplasmosis). I'd make Chad change the litter box. Make sure you don't leave clothes on the floor either (at least for a little while). Some cats get confused as to what is fair game to take care of their business. They LOVE laser pointers, feathers,etc. If kitty still has claws...make sure you get a scratching post.

Jennettehogan said...

Cute kitty! I bet your kids are going to have so much fun with him!!