Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day in January

Today I felt like a good, productive mother. I love those days! And they don't come every day, that's for dang sure. I didn't make them get up and out of the house early for anything. They all got up when they wanted to (lazy off-track days!) and stayed in their pjs for a good portion of the morning. I pulled out the play-doh and all four of them went to town creating all sorts of things.

They helped/watched me make some Lion House rolls (mmmm!) We listened to kids' songs, which made everything just that much more fun.

The boys went around and did a few chores. They practiced piano...I mean, we got some good stuff done!

This afternoon my friend from childhood, Amy (Baldree) Davis came up for a visit. It was so great to kick back and catch up! It's been nearly three years since we've seen each other, all while living within 20 minutes of each other. Pathetic! But how nice it was to relax with a friend. I need to do that more often!

Tonight, after the girls' bath, they were shivering and I pulled out the hair dryer. Chad got them all toasty warm and they were giggling and so happy to be warm. How cute are they?!

**Okay, I had the picture of the girls here, but Micah saw it with their naked bottoms and insisted I take it off. Maybe he's right. So it's gone.**

And the boys are embarrassed I came in to take a picture. But I promised it would be a clean shot. Here they are, wanting to hide.

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Maren and Blake said...

Can I safely assume you used your Kitchen Aid to make the rolls? I bet they were delicious. It's always fun to reconnect with old friends. And I am sure a lazy day around the house would be the best thing in the world.