Friday, January 22, 2010

Time Well Spent

Yesterday the kids slept in. We weren't in a rush to go anywhere. But I wanted to do something productive with them. My parents had given them several do-it-yourself 'stained glass' window hangings. They all loved helping pour in the beads and deciding what colors to make their decorations. Here's Micah working on his.
One of the kids' favorite activities is playing Webkinz on the computer together. It's a collaborative effort in this household. I pull over a couple of barstools so each one can participate.
Here is the reader! Colin got through the first Harry Potter book in 4 days. He's been reading voraciously over his break. The school wants me to keep track of how much he's read and what books. How can I even keep up? This kid has logged dozens of hours!
Too sweet! Micah and Mira.
Ella is being a big helper, setting the dinner table. She is wearing a little German dress I wore as a little girl. It's meant to be worn with a blouse underneath (which she did wear to church on Sunday). I loved seeing her in it!
I took the kids sledding yesterday. They've been begging to go for some time. Since we got some more snowfall and it was a perfect day. There's a great little hill not far from our house. In the past, taking the kids sledding has been quite a chore for Mom and Dad. A lot of dragging the sled back up the hill for people, carrying little ones around and such. But this time, the boys were completely self-sufficient! They had an absolute ball. Here's Micah finishing up his ride.
Colin was being creative going down backwards, riding it like a snowboard...
I tried to get one of the 4 kids together, but Ella was too busy having fun. There she is on the side, going down on her belly.
Ella requested a snow chair. Once it was completed, she hung out on it for at least 1/2 hour.
Colin and Micah were so good to Mira. They each took turns sledding down with her. She had so much fun!

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Maren and Blake said...

So Blake and I read this post to Braden. He had the HUGEST smile on his face throughout the whole post and pictures. He kept saying, "More Micah." or "More Mira", etc. It was so cute. So at Braden's request, more pictures of our cute neices and nephews.

When do the boys head back to school?