Monday, January 25, 2010

Visit with Friends

Sunday evening we were invited to the Gundersen's for dinner. I was so looking forward to this. Kathleen and I served as missionary companions in Bangor, Northern Ireland for one month. It was a busy month and she was a wonderful companion. They also invited over the Hincks family, which was awesome. Emily and I were also companions. She was with me my last 4 months and just terrific. I enjoyed serving with both of them. (They also served together.) Their husbands, Bret and Mike, were missionaries in the IDM with us as well.
The 2 lovely and talented women I have the pleasure of knowing: Emily and Kathleen.
And one of the 3 of us (with little Baily attached to Emily's hip).
Chad and the guys kicking back.
Colin and Kathleen's eldest, Truman, had just the best time together.
Mira shaking it with Graham and Dexter (I've already forgotten which is which!).
Ella and Mira in a vice-like hug next to Eve, Micah, and Truman. There was so much fun going on in that house.
And Bailey (just barely) lets me snap a shot of her.
Bret and little Laura.


Hillary said...

Fun to see those pictures. My how times have changed since we all met eachother.

Kathleen Gundersen said...

Laura looks so darling in this picture ;)