Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ella Turns Five!

Ella has so been looking forward to becoming a year older. I've heard for a while, "How many more days until my birthday?!" The day finally came for her. She woke up to streamers and candles in her breakfast muffin. She got a new Barbie bike which she can't wait to learn to ride. But her reaction over getting a container of Mr. Bubble was over the top!
Here she is the night before her birthday, resting with the cat. She and Micah have agreed to take turns having the cat in their beds (which doesn't last too long, usually).
Sunday we had the grandmas and grandpas and Aunt Amber over for dinner, cake, and ice cream. She decided to have My Little Pony top the pink strawberry cake she'd picked out. It did make it look pretty cute. For her birthday dinner she decided on spaghetti (and meatballs, garlic bread, and salad).
She's great at posing for pictures.
Since our table seats 8 comfortably, we told the kids that Ella got to sit at the big table since it was her birthday and the other kids got the bar stools. They weren't thrilled with this, but were satisfied to learn they'd get a turn when they each had a birthday.
A proud little birthday girl! She got a create-your-own jewelry set, a princess book and several princess CDs from family. Very nice!

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Maren and Blake said...

I am sorry we didn't talk to her on her birthday. I feel bad about it. We did realize it was her birthday, but got wrapped up with Brody. I wish we could have been there. She looks so happy. And your table is gorgeous.