Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hooray for Saturday

At dinner last night, Colin was going through the days of the week and giving each a title. Let me see if I can remember what he said:
Monday is Family Home Evening
Tuesday is The Biggest Loser on TV
Wednesday is Scouts and basketball practice
Thursday is Pizza Day (lunch at school)
Friday is movie night
Saturday is chore day
Sunday is church

Practically every day we get up by 7am and it can get exhausting! On the occasion we get to sleep in a little later, it is heavenly. Chad got up this morning with the boys to get them breakfast while I stayed in bed a little longer--Thank you honey!

Colin had his last basketball game. He was so excited to get his own trophy. Chad has a bunch from growing up, which the boys think are so great. (Micah displays them in his room, which makes me smile.) Colin was proud to have one with his name on it.

Tonight the boys and Chad are off to another Jazz game. Normally, it's just Chad and one boy. But Amber had a ticket and invited Colin along. I think Chad's jealous because I'm sure she'll have decent seats, compared to the nosebleed section we always second row from the top!

Micah made a sign to hold up "Go Jazz Go! (The 'J' and 'zz's spelled backwards) Jazz rocks yeah!"
And Ella got spoiled today by Grandma and Grandpa Miller. They took her on a birthday outing to 'wherever she'd like to eat' which happened to be Carl's Jr. After downing too much root beer, she apparently told my parents she never wants to have another root beer again. Then they took her to the Gateway and let her pick out and let her assemble a bear at the Build-A-Bear workshop. How cute! How could you not feel special?


Maren and Blake said...

Your parents are so good at spoiling your kids. That's their job though. It looks like Ella just had a ball.

As for Micah's sign, so cute! I am glad you got a picture of it. I bet the boys (all 3 of them) had a great time. Blake wants to go to Seattle this summer and take Braden to a MLS game (since bball isn't in Seattle anymore).

Doug and Rachel said...

I haven't read forever! Or posted, as you know. Cute,cute, - Theron still loves her build a bear, so I'm sure Ella will hold onto it for a long time to come. Love all the pics and stories - I'll try to post when things happen, but I don't have the time otherwise and maybe that's just because I don't manage time well . . . can't wait to see you guys in April; we're excited!!!

Jennettehogan said...

Build a bear is a fun place! I havent been there forever and the kids are always begging me to take them there. What a lucky girl!!!