Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Little Stinker

I have to make note of my little 3 year-old who has been getting into mischief a lot lately. I'll probably forget about all this one day, and I don't want to. She has given me a run for my money the past little while. You all know about the haircutting incident. Well, now she's:

*getting into my nice lipstick, smearing it all over her mouth (and anywhere else it might get accidentally). Then she turns off light switches, opens doors with the remnants on her fingers getting on the walls.

*taking a pencil on a couple of occasions, going into her bedroom, closing the door, and drawing her masterpiece on her walls and dresser. The most recent time it was with permanent marker. Thank goodness for Mr. Clean sponges! Unfortunately, Mr. Clean does not take out permanent marker off bed sheets. Argh!

*getting up after she's supposed to be asleep in bed, climbing onto the counter to help herself to 5+ pieces of gum. She still had a piece in her mouth in the morning. Thankfully, none in the hair.

*discovering a 'hidden' treat and taking it into her room (again, she closes the door and I don't realize that she's being sneaky for a while) and helping herself to the contents.

Even though some of it gets me wound up, I have to laugh once the day is done and I'm retelling my experiences of the day to Chad.

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Maren and Blake said...

I am going to have to call you when Braden starts doing all this. I will need to calm down and laugh about it. We still LOVE Mira.