Sunday, February 21, 2010

Micah Turns Siete

Saturday was Micah's big day. He woke up, happy to see balloons and streamers. Even happier to see a birthday note indicating a scavenger hunt to find his gifts. The kids loved it, of course. The whole time Colin was saying, "I want to do a scavenger hunt on my birthday! I want to get 4 presents, too. I want a Webkinz like Micah." Okay, okay! At least it doesn't take much to please them.

With each gift Micah opened, he was just thrilled. Several books and the narrator reading them on CD. (May I highly recommend Arnold Lobel once kids get to age 4+. His books are great!) He was taken by surprise when he got his "Zumbuddy", a sort of Webkinz toy. But the best reaction was when he opened his Tiger Cub Scout book. He was in heaven! He's been watching Colin get to participate in all these Cub Scout activities. Even though the LDS church doesn't start up with Cub Scouts until the boys are 8, Micah couldn't stand to wait. He and Chad already have plans for activities. He's learned the Cub Scout pledge, salute, and handshake and thinks it's the coolest thing.
Had to throw in this pathetic blakie picture with Mira. Notice the raggedy yellow side. It's so thrashed. I had to completely cut off the one side. Now it's just the purple side. But she doesn't care!
And Ella all done up for dance. She wanted me to get a snapshot of her.
The madness begins! We had 10 little friends over for the party. And it was everything you'd expect. Noisy, silly, and fun. We invited the kids from Micah's primary class. I'm so glad we did. It gave us a chance to get to know them and for Micah to connect with them more, since we've just moved in. They're all great kids from really nice families.
The boys are starting the 'girls have cooties' thing. Ella was totally eating that up and trying to tag all the boys she could. Is this an indicator or her teenage years?? We hope not!Chad was so great and led them in all the games: Father, May I, a basketball shoot-out, balloon popping, etc. Very fun.

Micah has a little buddy in his class, Braden. Chad and I just looked at each other when we saw those two in action together. I hope they don't sit by each other in class! Their teacher would have her hands full!

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Maren and Blake said...

Braden sat quietly on my lap to look at the pictures and let me read about MIcah's special day. Looks like a lot of fun.