Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mira the Helper

Last night it was 'The Biggest Loser', a family favorite. Before we all get to sit down and enjoy it, they had to get into their pjs, brush and floss, and pick up rooms. Well, Ella was a wet noodle and said, "Mira, will you do it for me?" So Mira jumps right in and starts totally picking up all of Ella's toys and books. What a sister!

Again today, while Ella was at preschool, Mira helps me organized Ella's toybox. Then she goes on to her room to pick up and make her bed. Then she wants to vacuum. What an awesome little girl she is.

Here's what else endears her to us:
*she loves, loves, loves the cat (maybe a little too much) and wants to pick him up constantly
*she wants to be involved in whatever Ella and Micah are playing (sometimes feelings get hurt when they shut the door on her because, "She's too little and messes up what we're playing!")
*she loves to be in a dress (the fancier, the better) and sing to herself and dance for her own pleasure
*the little imp will sneak into her room and shut the door (big red flag!!). I may find an empy box of valentine candy I did yesterday. funny.
*she can operate the computer and mouse rather well. (we sometimes come back to a computer with some funky settings...)
*she loves to call a grandma or grandpa at work on occassion and give them an earful--none of which I think they understand!
*she can throw a tantrum like nobody's business. Not that I love this, but sometimes it's humorous and I have to turn my head and supress my giggles.
*the way she says 'owie' for really. As in, "That is owie siwy." Translation: That is really silly.

Here's Ella half-naked and saying, "AAH! Mom, don't get my privates on the picture!!"

My wonderul Chad helping Micah with his piano. Micah actually goes down on his own and will practice without any help more and more lately. I do need to spend time working more on note values, rhythm, and note names, but it's great that he's taken a more active role his his practicing.


Maren and Blake said...

Can Mira come and live with us? Braden won't do anything I tell him to unless I threaten time out. I never wanted to be that mom, but I am.

Jennettehogan said...

Mira is so cute! She reminds me so much of Ben - maybe its because they are the same age? We need to get together SOON!