Wednesday, March 10, 2010


At Ella's most recent visit to the dentist's office, we were informed she has several cavities in her premolars. What a blow! I've always tried to be sure our children brush regularly. Then again, the flossing has gone by the wayside. I'm a fanatic about flossing my own teeth every night, but with the kids, I'm just happy to get them brushed and in bed, you know?

We scheduled an appointment to bring her back for the fillings. I didn't prepare her, thinking she didn't really know what was going to happen, and maybe it was better that way. But something, somewhere got through to her and told her to be absolutely terrified of this visit. She's always been great at check-ups. This was a different story altogether. She refused to look at or respond to the dental hygienist or the dentist himself. She wouldn't lay back. She had her hands in her mouth and started crying. I tried to reason with her. I promised her a Barbie if she cooperated. No go.

The dentist referred us to a neighboring pediatric dentist. The office is beautiful, they've got children's movies playing in the ceiling, the staff is friendly. But we would have to pay for almost all of it out of pocket. Stinkin' Dental Select Insurance. They do the sedation dentistry, if needed. Which may be needed in this case. I was sick about it. I'm talkin' a lot o' dough, here.

When Chad arrived home, he took Ella aside and talked to her about what needed to be done and being a big girl. She really took in what he had to say and seemed to warm up to the idea. We'll still have to do an oral sedation (they'll have her drink some sort of liquid which makes her a little intoxicated-like in order to work on her). I'm really hoping this works. It'll still cost more than the general dentist, but it's better than an IV or the Surgery Center!

On a side note, I am loving the way Ella is loving her dad these days. For quite some time, she was a momma's girl exclusively. She would hardly let Chad do anything for her sometimes. He has really invested a lot of time (with each child) to build a strong, trusting relationship. And Ella just adores him! It's wonderful. What a good man I married.

P.S. The moral of the story is: floss your kids' teeth!

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Maren and Blake said...

I am terrible at flossing Braden's teeth. I hope everything goes well with Ella. Keep us updated. How are preparations for Germany going?