Wednesday, June 30, 2010

He's Here!

I just came home from the hospital and I need to rest and feed this baby, but I wanted to quickly post some pictures and give a little info:
Matthew William Barnett was born Monday, June 28th in the evening at 7:47 at Riverton Hospital. I woke that day feeling like it just might be 'the' day. As you can read on the picture, he weighed 8 lbs 15 oz. The delivery went quickly and pretty smoothly, thankfully.
Here I am with my little old man.

My mom came up Monday to take the older kids for us while we went to hospital. She brought them up to visit Tuesday afternoon. I got lots of hugs from my sweethearts. They were very sweet with their new brother. He's certainly going to have to quickly adjust to lots of action and volume!
We had to remind them a few times that this was a little human not to be fought over. It was so hard for them to wait their turn to hold him!
Love it!
And this is the 'Micah hold'.

Funny little Mira.
Everyone crowded around to check out his umbilical cord, feet, hands, hair, ears... I won't mention what Ella thought his you-know-what looked like.

Matthew had a fairly high bilirubin level, so the pediatrician wanted him to stay under triple light therapy throughout the night. Which meant I got to enjoy another pleasant stay in my hospital bed. Plastic covered with a sheet. But his levels are down this morning. I've just got to keep nursing him and he needs to keep filling his diaper. I'll take him tomorrow to be rechecked. If the level creeps up more we'll have to do home photo therapy.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Here is Chad with the kids before church.
Uhh, no, the boys weren't yet dressed for church, which is why I got these snapshots of only the girls in their adorable dresses.

And Colin took this quick pic of me. Hopefully, I'll have a reason to be home from church next Sunday! C'mon, baby!
For his Father's Day meal, Chad requested tacos. I married an easy-to-please man, for which I am grateful. While eating, I was just thinking how I didn't have it in me to clean it all up. Chad jumped up and, along with the boys, did the dishes, cleaned the counters and table, and swept the floor. I hid away in my room, just trying to get oxygen. I came out and everything was spic and span. Thank you, sweetie!
Everyday I think about how grateful I am to have Chad as my partner in life. He takes his job as husband and father very seriously. Everything he does is for our benefit. He works hard, comes home cheerful, and immediately takes the initiative to step in where he's needed. Our children know unquestionably that they are loved.
On another topic, I just wanted to make record of something funny the girls did for our own records. I so easily forget the little things if I don't write them down.
The other day, Ella and Mira came running in the house together, terrified of something. Through their tears, Ella tells me that on their way walking to a neighbor's house, they passed by a home that had an eagle that would attack them. My reaction was, "What? Honey, I am sure having eagles for pets is against the law. I don't think our neighbor has an eagle." But Ella was insistent and said there really was one and they don't want to go by this house again.
Well, days later, while our whole family is driving in the car, it comes out that one day Micah was walking with them and saw a sign in front of a house that said, 'Eagle Security'. Chad and I just started cracking up. They had construed that to mean an eagle was standing guard (and I think Micah may have encouraged the girls' fear just a little).
We got it cleared up.
Another funny instance:
As a parent, I think we all have moments where we hear what we say and think, "That is just the stupidest sounding thing I've ever said to my kids." Chad and I were out running around with the kids the other day and Mira was drinking out of a water bottle and kind of goofing off with the water. I said, "Mira, if you get all wet... won't be dry." Well, that elicited the biggest guffaw from Chad, which made me realize how lame that sentence was. But sometimes you can't come up with a better explanation, you know?

Friday, June 18, 2010


Bob Lonsberry was fired Wednesday after his morning show. They fired his son, Lee, too. I don't know what brought this on. Ratings? Bob's support of Tim Bridgewater? Whatever it was, unless it was criminal, I am perplexed. It is wrong. Now they have Glenn Beck playing in his place. I don't care to listen to him that early in the morning (if at all).

I am so disappointed. I really loved his show.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The 'Like' Letter

We have got a precocious 7 year-old on our hands. And we're not the only ones. A couple of neighbor girls have taken a liking to Micah. And for more than just a little friendship. Micah will come in from playing outside and tell me how he got kissed 14 times by one of them. One of these girls came over today with a letter for him:

to: Micah From: Natalie B.

Dear Micah You are special to me I like you Micah you are fun to play with. you are the best. you are my Best friend.

Her mom called to ask if she brought over the letter. Apparently, she gave the note a lot of thought and was so proud of it, she was showing it off to her parents. She walked right over and handed it to Micah and stood there while he read it with me standing there, too. (Quite a brave girl!) She was so thrilled to realize their names, which begin with the letters 'M' and 'N' were right next to each other in the alphabet. Love meant to be!

We've talked to Micah about no girlfriends and no kissing (even on the cheek). He got angry with that. He told us, "How can I wait?" We told him he could wait for a girlfriend until he's much older. "You're only seven!" we said. "But that's what I mean, Mom!! It's so long until I'm older and I'm only seven. I don't want to wait so long until I can have a girlfriend!"

Ooooooh, boy.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ella's Preschool Program

Ella's been practicing with her preschool class all the songs for last night's program. The theme was Broadway and they sang songs from Singin' in the Rain, You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, Annie, The Sound of Music, Peter Pan, etc. It was darling. All the kids knew the songs and actions so well.

Here are Micah, Mira, and Ella in Ella's classroom.
Ella snuggling a silly Mira.
Ella's special spot on the rug
All ready for the program!
New York, Ne-ew Yooooork!

I'll Never Grow up (Peter Pan)

The kids did sign language to 'Colors of the Rainbow' from Signing Time.
The Sun'll Come out Tomorrow!
When I'm stuck with a day that's grey and lonely...
The class did a little 'Fairies and Giants' skit. Ella was quite the elegant dancer, utilizing her knowledge from ballet. It was adorable.
Ella's the second from the left.

Grandmas Barnett and Miller with Mira
Grandpa Barnett, Colin, and Chad enjoying the program
Micah got a seat up front for a good view.
So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, goodbye!
Ooooh! All ready to move on to kindergarten!!
Ella got the award of 'Star of the Classroom' because she's always willing to follow directions and does it with a smile. Her teacher, Miss Natalie, is announcing.
Miss Launa, the director, shakes her hand.
And our little girl! We love her so much.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So I'm doing a little dusting and Ella walks in and gets a whiff of the windex. She says, "Mmm, it smells like Saturday!"

Sure does.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Beginning of Summer

I just normally can't resist at least a look at when I'm getting ready to make dinner. I love that you can enter the ingredients you have on hand and see what dishes pop up. I have discovered some gems on that site. Saturday I made guacamole. Not knowing how the family would like guac, I only made a small portion out of 2 avocados. Well, Mira thought it was awesome. She had it with my homemade baked tortilla chips. What a great snack! Turned out, Chad was the only other one who really enjoyed the guac (they all liked the chips), but no worries because it all got eaten and I now need to make more.

On a side note, I have fallen in love with shopping at WalMart Neighborhood Market. I get all my ads for the week and make my shopping list from those, take it with me and tell the checker all the sale prices from different stores. And she gives me all my sale prices! I don't have to show the ad or anything. It's awesome! A little bit of a hassle, but totally worth it.
At Target, I saw this little pool on sale and thought, "Perfect!" And so it has been the last couple of days with this heat. Neighbor kids and our kids staying cool...
Chad's been really working with Micah on his bike riding. You will recall we finally told Micah he was going to learn to ride his bike. Yesterday sealed the deal. He's got it down! We don't even have to be next to him at all. He turns and everything. He still needs help just getting on the bike and started, but it's awesome to see that smile on his face and the confidence beaming.
Mira loves her little trike. It's so funny to watch her little legs go so fast in order to keep up with everyone.
Ella set a goal for herself for the summer: to ride her bike without training wheels. I think it's realistic. Now that Micah's got it down, we can focus on her skills.
And here's the man of the hour! Pleased as punch with himself. If you're wondering where Colin is, he was gone at a birthday party. But when he got home and we shared Micah's success, Colin was so cute about it, saying, "You're awesome, Micah!"