Saturday, July 31, 2010

Snuggling, Camping, RSL

Mom Barnett came over today to take out Ella for a little pre-K shopping and fun. While here she had to get in some snuggles with our sweet Matthew.
Ella came back with a stash of cute new clothes. Mom Barnett noticed how Ella knows exactly what she likes. She picked out just what she wanted. Mira thought the clothes were so cute she had to help break them in. Ella didn't mind at all. I hope they share clothes all the way through school!
Matthew was kind enough to give some middle-of-a-dream smiles for Grandma which thrilled her. And look at that cutie Mira Catherine and her adorable cheeks. I just want to kiss them looking at the picture.
Ella insisted she have a turn with Matthew after Grandma. She was adjusting and readjusting his position, but he was not bothered in the least.
How adorable!!
Here Colin is trying to get away from me and my camera. Not so fast!
Chad took the boys up to Knotty Pine yesterday afternoon for some camping, swimming, fishing, and s'mores-making. They came back having caught 3 fish (I had my fingers crossed they'd catch something!) They smelled like campfire and had just enough time to shower and eat before taking off for an RSL game where they were meeting up with Aunt Amber.
Colin's still trying to escape, but I caught one of him laughing while shutting the door on me.
Micah having a great weekend.
And does Chad look thrilled to have his picture taken, or what? He was just trying to get on the road and didn't want to be held up by me clicking away. The boys requested a face painting, sporting RSL team spirit. At the game they are commemorating Scouts and Chad's hoping they are one of the first 200 scouts to show up and get to go out on the field with the players before the game start.

My sweet monkey.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Quiet Day

It's just the girls and me. Oh! And Matthew, of course. (Still getting used to that.) Yesterday my mom picked up the boys to squeeze in an overnighter and some fun before they start back to school. At dinner last night I looked over to Chad and smiled saying, "Isn't it so nice and quiet? It's like a vacation!"

Mira says the sweetest prayers. They make me smile and just love her more for it. Her prayers the last couple of days have included Matthew, Grandpa Miller recovering from pneumonia, that she's thankful to be able to clean the playroom and do chores (wow!), her family, the 'beautiful world', grandmas and grandpas, etc.
Here is Mira helping Matthew with the paci. The kids have all been helpful. Micah even requested to change his diaper one morning this week. I let him and Colin do it without supervision, reminding them to be at the ready for a stream of pee. Well, what do you know but less than a minute later Colin comes running out frantic. I walk into the baby's room to see him stripped from the waist down, pee dripping down the wall, and pee all over Matthew's face. The boys were most worried the pee in Matthew's eyes would damage him. I cleaned him up and we laughed about that one!
Since the boys are gone, I wanted to do something fun with the girls. I made sugar cookies and frosting and let them decorate them. Woah on the sprinkles!! They loved it.
Ella making hers nice and sugary-pretty.
I don't think we could fit many more sprinkles on this one.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Do I Dare?

Yesterday I ran a bunch of errands with the younger four kids. Colin was at home (he's been waking up after 10am these days...late nights) doing homework, chores, piano. He was happy to be left out of the running around. Well, by the time we were finishing up I'd pretty much had it. Okay, I know I am not the most mellow of people. But going to the doctor's office, grocery store, car repair shop just about pushed me over the edge. Those kids were wanting to run and play, not use indoor voices.

Poor Ella had to get 3 shots, get a finger poke, and then proceeded to get her head bonked on the corner of a milk refrigerator door handle at the grocery store (by moi) and hit her eye on the shopping cart handle on the way out of the store. It was one thing after another for her.

And our Micah. If I could describe him in one phrase it would be, "This kid knows no stranger!" He was chatting it up with the doctor, the workers at the car repair name it. He was trying to give the answers to Ella's vision screening and questions the doctor was directing toward Ella.

Mira's normally quite happy as long as she's allowed to tag along with one or all of the older siblings. She wants to be included. And when she's not permitted by one of them, it's all heartbreak. She loves to be with her brothers and sister.

When we got back from all our running, Colin had dutifully done everything I'd asked of him. How wonderful that I can trust him to do it! He got to stay up late, late with friends doing a 'latenighter' watching movies and all-you-can-eat junk food. He had a great time.

Matthew continues to be wonderful. He turns to me when I speak and will look at me and engage when I'm talking to him. He has definitely smiled and it just makes me want to work harder for another one! I want him to stay small forever. He was 8lbs 15oz when born, and yesterday he was already 9lbs 5oz (2 weeks and 3 days old). So I guess he's going to grow despite my wishes. That's okay. I look forward to more smiles.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Goings on

I have never been one to bathe my baby right out of hospital. With Matthew, I waited a full week. (After all, he was bathed once in hospital.) I handed Micah the video recorder while Matthew was being washed in the girls' sink. It was tricky, but we got it done. I think he would have enjoyed it more if the water didn't keep draining out of the sink.
You see that little mouth all puckered and ready to cry? Aww, love.
We have had some crazy summer storms the past week. Micah, Ella, and Mira just couldn't resist going out in one brief downpour. They were soaked!!
So much fun! Of course, someone always gets hurt. At least once a day. Whether a toe gets stubbed, someone falls down, something drops on a foot, someone rolls over an appendage with a bicycle...this time it was Ella. She had just changed into her swimsuit (after all, her dress was wet) and comes dashing through the garage and wham! falls right on the concrete. Scrapes up her elbow and bangs her tush.
Colin is now a Bear Cub Scout and he went to day camp Friday and Saturday. He and Chad came back each day pretty spent. Colin had a lot of fun. From the trading post he bought candy (naturally), a whip, a rubber band gun, and a cheapie compass. He and Chad have had fun trying out the whip.
A few friends...
Panning for gold!
Colin and Chad
Leather work

Oh, what more fun can a boy have?!
Chad took about a hundred pictures. He told me Colin was easily the tallest Bear Scout. If our kids get Chad's legs, they're set!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hangin' at Home

Other than a marathon errand-running day with Chad on Monday, I have just camped out at home. Which is unusual for me. I normally get cabin fever and have to break out. It's been great to just take it easy at home. Surprisingly, I've been able to keep up on the kids' morning chores/schoolwork/piano. I didn't know if I'd be able to manage it. This morning (well, many mornings) we had a little display of rebellion when the boys were told it was time to start their lists. "Unfair!" was the cry. Sorry, Charlie! It may be summer, but that doesn't mean there aren't still things to be done.
It's wonderful that I can ask the kids to please hold Matthew while I take a couple of minutes to do something. And they love to hold him. He gets passed around quite a bit. They are wonderful with him. Micah loves to have Matthew's face right up against his cheek.
A close-up of our sweetheart. Can I say how awesome he's been at nighttime?? I don't know if it's our skill, or if it's just dumb luck, but for the past week he's been getting up only one time at night. Anywhere between 2-5am. I feed him and he falls back asleep for several hours. I feel human! Chad's brilliant plan was to keep him up after 5pm as much as possible. I try to keep him well fed during the day. And is that what is making it work? I don't know, but we'll keep it up in hopes that he'll be used to sleeping well at night.
Our garden is flourishing. You can see our beautiful lettuce to the left of the picture. It's ready to be used. I'm excited! And yesterday I turned the kids loose on the peas. It seems like they just popped up within a week's time, ready to eat.
Colin, Ella, and Mira had so much fun finding the nice, fat ones.
Yum! They ate as they picked, and then picked extras for dinner. And they really do eat them! I love it!
Told you!
Of course, they're better when you open them up and just eat the sweet peas. Honestly, it's like candy for them. If Mira drops one on the floor, she'll go to all lengths to find it so it's not wasted.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Independence Day Weekend

How cute are these girls? Chad is taking them to the parade here in West Jordan. We pulled out some face paint and did them up proper for it. They are excited for the festivities. I think they're going to hit the carnival afterward, which should be a blast.
The boys are camping this entire weekend with Mom and Dad Barnett (Thank you!! Perfect timing!). I overheard a conversation between Colin and Ella as Colin was packing his bag: Ella, "I get to go to the parade with dad this weekend." Colin, "Well, parades are fun, but camping is way more fun." Ella was unbothered by that remark. So I think the weekend will turn out well for all.
Chad has been amazing. He has just picked up the slack anywhere and everywhere. It has been such a relief knowing I can relax a little and have my main focus taking care of Matthew and recuperating.
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend, whatever you end up doing! God bless our America!