Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Good People

How wonderful it is to have good people for parents and in-laws. I've been thinking about what makes them each so important and special to me. I'll mention only a few here.

*I could call her up in need and she would drop just about anything to help me
*She is patient. As a child I may not have thought this, but now, being a parent myself, I realize how very patient she actually was!
*She loves to replay different moments in time and laugh about them, even if they were not funny at the time.

*He taught me the pro/con list (Chad can thank you for that)
*He guided us to financial planning
*He spent hours with me working on algebra and book reports (with his emotions very controlled--I don't know how he did it without totally losing it!).

Mom Barnett:
*She loves her grandchildren! She delights in them and makes time to be with them.
*She raised her son to work hard, be independent, sensitive. Thank you for my husband!
*She makes a concerted effort to be close to her family.

Dad Barnett:
*He taught me how to cook fish! :)
*He has helped us tremendously in our homes to improve them.
*He is easy-going and pleasant to be around

These are certainly not exclusive lists. They all love their grandchildren. They have been married all these years! They act as a united front. They plan things together, work together, spend time together. This is an excellent example to me of how to behave in a marriage.

Not too shabby.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Photos of the Babe

Micah has to get his "Matthew fix" every day. Many morning he says, "I don't want to leave Matthew and go to school!" And when he gets home, the first thing he wants to do is hold and kiss the baby. He is very sweet with him. Mom came over yesterday for a visit. While we were at Ella's dance studio Micah wanted to hold Matthew. Mom just about had a heart attack watching. She finally said, "I just can't watch." I know she understands I have to let the kids be able to hold him and have some responsibility with him. It can be heart-stopping, but if I don't give them some leeway, they won't get close to him.

All these pictures with those two were so cute I couldn't only pick one to post!

We think he will be a blue-eyed cutie.

I took this while looking in the bathroom mirror. I need a picture with my baby!

Another self shot.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

No Time...

The time I have is dedicated to cleaning, cooking, taking care of the children, running around. The blog is on the backburner. That said, I'll probably have a new post up within a few days. I need to take more pictures of Matthew and having this blog is a good motivator and reminder.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

School Begins

The boys started school last week. They love it. They've come home pretty excited albeit a little on edge from being on their best behavior all day. Colin's looking forward to learning more math and about the state of Utah. From Micah I hear about the fun he has during recess and friends he's made. He's devoured the Magic Treehouse series at home and from his classroom library.
Ella just started today. She's been looking forward to Kindergarten.

These three will be trekking to school together every morning. Is it unsettling? Yes!! Sending my 5, 7, and 9 year-olds off into the world on their own? But we've had the stranger danger talk, drilled in the importance of sticking together no matter what when going to school. The school's super close by the way, but still...
Love that smile!
Ella out in front of her kindergarten class (and Matthew on the bottom left).
For the kindergartners' first day all the parents were invited for the first 1/2 hour to help settle their children. Ella stuck close by me. It must have been overwhelming for her. There were a lot of people there and we were trying to orient ourselves to everything in the room. When it was time for the parents to leave Ella looked nervous. I felt for her! It was hard to leave her there. You can see in this picture her hesitation. But no worries! I think once the parents left and the teacher got to 'do her thing' all the kids settled in well. When I picked up Ella today she was as happy as could be about her first day.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Growing up, there were only a handful of people who got away with calling me 'Nic'. Otherwise, when people asked if I went by Nic or Nicky, it was 'No'! Not that I don't like nicknames. Of course Chris is Christopher and Doug is Douglas. Mike is Michael. And my mom's never even gone by her first name.

How can you make a nickname out of Chad? Same thing with Colin. We joke around with other nicknames for him Colin (as in Powell) or Call. Chad calls Ella 'Bells'. I'll call her 'Ella Bella'. The only other name Mira gets is Mira Catherine. You can call Matthew 'Matt' if you like (Chad does).

Micah has, for some time now, requested that we call him Mikey. That's a no-go from me. He came home from his first day of school and told me that his teacher asked if anyone goes by a nickname. He raised his hand and said, 'Mikey'. Then he changed his mind and said, 'Mike'. I never envisioned having a Mikey or Mike, but I wonder if it'll stick? I told him he can choose that for his nickname if he wants and that's fine with me. But at home he'll always be Micah.