Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Memorable Moments with Dad

This week, Chad had a day off and planned a campout with the boys. They went down to Nephi to tent it at a Camperworld. They took off right after work Tuesday and pitched the tent in the waning light (Chad had to use the car's headlights to see what he was doing). The boys were most interested in playing around rather than helping with the tent. Then they sat around the campfire and roasted marshmallows.

In the morning, they had what Colin considered the best breakfast he'd ever had (point for me!): tin foil wrapped sausage, potato, and onion. With hot chocolate and lots of cantaloupe. After breakfast, they went exploring. One of their goals was to identify 5 different trees and 5 different birds. They saw this and more: a red-tailed hawk, a mule deer, and a fawn.

Chad reported that the boys spent a good portion of their time throwing rocks. And what more fun can a boy have, anyway? They went to the Payson Lake area and hiked around three different lakes there.
They went on several little walks, then drove up a loop to the highest peak in the Wasatch Mountains: Mount Nebo.+
The boys learned that the reddish color of these parts comes from the iron. It reminded them of Bryce Canyon. I asked Colin if it was beautiful. He said, "It wasn't beautiful. It was cool." This was called "Devil's Kitchen". Micah at first was under the impression that there really was a kitchen up there. He saw an outhouse and thought that was where the cooking happened. Chad said, "No, that's the Devil's Bathroom." Ha!
I love this enthusiasm! The boys came back with a big stick they couldn't part with and lots of shells they'd collected. They were filthy, hungry, and smelled like campfire. I suppose that goes to show what a great time they had.
Now for the girls. A couple of weeks ago Chad's work had a retreat up to Lava Hot Springs. He decided it was the girls' turn with Dad. They got to stay in a great little B&B (used to be an old, old LDS church building). It's now used for weddings and receptions. Aw, aren't those girls adorable in their matchy-matchy shirts (One says 'Best,' the other says 'Friends')? They thought the whole place was a castle and their room was the Princess Room.
This was the reception/wedding area (the old chapel). Up front there was a throne and the girls pretended they were princesses and queens sitting on their thrones.
Back at the room.
Chad took the girls swimming, they watched people go down the river on tubes, they went on a little hike (along with a little whining, naturally), spent time playing at a park, and relaxed with a movie in the room. The girls had a nice time with their dad.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Soccer and Princesses

Today was another Saturday of soccer games. Colin, Micah, and Ella's games all either coincide or overlap. So Chad and I tag-team it with their games. And, as Chad coaches two of the teams, he is running around all morning getting kids situated. I'm content to plant myself at one game and enjoy it.

Mom and Dad came up to catch part of Colin's game and then took Micah to his. Last week Colin scored three goals! He also enjoys playing goalie. Micah has a lot of fun with his teammates. And Ella...well, let's just say we're happy she's willing to get in the game and run around a little bit. If she touches the ball at all, that's bonus. After spring season, if soccer's not a passion of hers, I think we'll forgo that in the future.

Here is Ella gearing up for her game.

And Colin's in the blue (second one from the right). He loves this game. He practices his dribbling and likes to try out clever dribbling techniques. He and Chad went to an RSL game at Rio Tinto tonight. I know Colin loves not only going with his dad, but watching the amazing players we have.
And...the Princess Party. Okay, you might recall Micah had a big ol' get-together with his school friends. Well, Ella wanted to do something with her girlfriends. And I thought to myself, "How hard is it to have them over and let them have fun?" Ella and Mira Catherine sent out invitations to girls in the neighborhood asking them to come dressed as princesses. No problem there! These 4 and 5 year-olds are happy to oblige. We had a tea party, listened and danced to princess songs, and watched a princess movie.
Here are Ella (right) and friends.
Mira (center) and friends.
More friends!
A whole table full!
How adorable are they? They came in fancy dresses, hair curled, lip gloss, sparkles, tiaras, etc. Magical!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Around the House

"The Cat" (as he is usually called) has found a favorite napping place. Matthew's crib. He cozies right up to him and rests very well. (He doesn't get on top of him at all.) It doesn't bother Matthew at all. The cat has also taken to cleaning Matthew. Gross, I know. However, I did discover something pretty cool about it. Matthew's had a case of cradle cap and the cat's tongue sloughs that stuff right off. I know I'm bad, I just sat there and watched it and laughed. Then I promise I whisked Matthew right off for a cleansing bath. Chad couldn't believe I let that happen.
Chad's project on his day off this week was taking inventory of our food storage. It's been in sad shape, but we have made it more of a priority lately. We've dedicated an amount from our grocery budget to fill the storage room. It's looking so much better now, as you can see. Still more to be done, but it's going somewhere at least. You'd be amazed at how much you need to have put away for a family of six (who eat solid food, anyway). We are stocking up on things we'd actually use. I'm not a huge canned food user, but we've got to include it in our diet some to keep it rotated. I don't have a problem using it, other than the canned veggies--besides canned corn, I think they're pretty bad.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Liberty Park

We spent Labor Day at Liberty Park with Blake and Maren and their boys, Dad Barnett, and Amber. It is an awesome park. So much to do. We had a nice barbeque and the kids played around at the big playground.

The kids fed the ducks (it's all roped off because of the Red Butte oil leak that contaminated the lake).
Colin, Mira, Micah, Ella, Braden
Braden has a mind of his own. He was a little resistant to getting in group photos.

There's a teeny amusement park there and the kids got to go on several rides. The girls loved the Merry-Go-Round.
Maren, Micah, Colin, and Amber (they're all in this picture) went on a huge swing-thing. They loved it. Me? Not so much.

Our cute little smiler.
Getting situated.
Decisions, decisions! But finally Ella chose this beaut. Now dubbed "Cotton Candy".
Ella, Colin, and Micah wanted to do the Ferris Wheel. Everything was cool until it made one revolution. Ella wanted off ASAP! Maren switched her out thankfully.
Mira enjoyed the little kiddie rides.
Braden's a stud-muffin on the shark airplane. You can see Mira in the red plane in the background.
Waiting and watching.

Micah's making sure Matthew stays out of the sun.

Maren and Blake getting ready to stroll around the park.

Family Group

Mom and Dad came up for Matthew's blessing. Here they are with Ella, Micah, Matthew, Mira Catherine, and Colin.
Trying to everyone to behave and look at the camera at the same time is a challenge! Maren and Blake with Brody and Braden, Amber, Mom and Dad Barnett, Chad and I and our kids.
Mom and Dad Barnett with our fam.
Mom and Dad Barnett with Blake and Maren and the kids.
Braving it with the grandkids.

Matthew in White

Over Labor Day weekend we had our sweet little Matthew blessed. It was a wonderful day made even better by having both sets of grandparents, Aunt Amber, Uncle Blake, Aunt Maren, Braden and Brody with us.

Kids in Summer

How adorable is this?! Colin really engaging Matthew. I love it. Matthew's really reacting to his brother. (That's Maren in the background hoisting Brody out of his chair.)
"Mom, take a picture of me holding Matthew." No prob!
Endless is the creative area in Micah's brain. He invented this getup on his own. Crepe paper, garbage bag, and newspaper protectors join to become the Invincible Ninja!
Garden grown, baby! Ours!
How many times have I used the word 'cute' in my blog? Well, here it is again!