Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gardener Village Halloween

We headed over to Gardener Village, here in our fair city. They have it all decked out with witches galore. We walked around, pointing at them and giggling... also took lots of pictures. I was determined to get a family shot since we're all dressed this year. Here's the best one of the lot:

Watching the water mill with the witch making like she's going to cannonball into the water:
The kids in their costumes. Mira decided to be a bunny instead of Fancy Nancy. I didn't mind. No hair to curl! And Matthew's a polar bear (thanks, Blake and Maren!).

At the last minute, we convinced Chad to dress up. We were throwing out suggestions: Superman, nerd, etc. He wasn't going for it. Then Colin said, "You could be a runner!" Doesn't get much easier than that. So he got decked out in his sweat bands, MP3 player, medal, and all the gear.
Check out that double chin! I could eat him up.
Here I go!
Mira's always up for a picture with her baby.
Is she photogenic, or what?
Micah and Mira Catherine.
The girls watching the dancing witches.
And dancing!
Micah saw a pumpkin floating in the river and had to fish it out.
I had to sneaky-like take a picture of Colin. Every other picture with him I said, "Yes! You have to be in this picture!"
Right now Chad is out with the kids trick-or-treating and it is raining like nobody's business. What's up with that on Halloween night? Man! I hope it's worth it for them.

Friday, October 29, 2010

School Parade and Pumpkin Carving

This morning the elementary school had their Halloween parade. It was packed! Mira, Matthew, and I found a spot against the wall where we could see. I love seeing all the different costumes. The little kindergartners came through first. Here is Ella as a fairy. She used her recital costume and added wings and a wand. We put sparkles in her hair and on her face and arms. She felt quite fancy! She blew me a kiss as she passed.
Here is her teacher, Mrs. Jones as Snow White. You can see Ella on the far right.
Micah's 2nd grade class came through with Miss Peterson leading the way, dressed she Chinese?
Here's Micah. Too bad it's blurry. He's the grim reaper. We did his makeup and he thought he looked sad. We explained what 'grim' meant. I didn't get a flashy smile from him (he was trying to stay in character), but he did sign "I love you" to me. Aw!
Ms. Ryan-Davis (who, incidentally, is from Ireland!) led the way for Colin's 4th grade class. You can see Colin on the right dressed as Nick Rimando (RSL player).
He saw me. I called out to him. He ignored me. I just had to laugh to myself. He is so much like I was!
Mira is the little pirate next to Miss Jen with her Jazz dance class. The next day for her preschool parade (forgot my camera then), she was a cute little blonde Chinese girl. And tomorrow she wants to be Fancy Nancy (from the book by Jane O'Connor) for trick-or-treating.
For Family Home Evening Monday we carved our pumpkins we got from Cornbelly's. It was so much easier this year than it has been in years past. Colin and Micah were so much more involved in scooping out the guts and carving. We had it done faster than I originally thought!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Witches' Brew

At Mira's jazz class today they did a little performance for us parents. The girls were all dressed up in Halloween garb. Sooo cute!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mira's Interview (Bonus: Cheez-It Boy)

Sunday is Chad's day to spend time with each of the kids and talk with them, teach them, read to them. They get paid their commission for jobs they do around the house. The look forward to their time with Dad. He is very patient with them. He goes over expectations we have with regards to behavior, etc. I love this clip with Mira. He's singing "Love One Another" in Spanish and she's trying to sing along. I love the way she's so intent on him.

I don't know how I'd do this thing called parenting without him!

Kearns Rec

I think we've found our gym! One of the hardest things about leaving South Ogden (for me) was leaving behind the Ogden Athletic Club. That was my home away from home. I worked so hard there and accomplished some things that made me impressed with myself (kipping pull-ups, setting the push-press record)!

Since we moved, I've turned into a virtual slug. I've hardly worked out at all and it hasn't done anything to boost my morale. I so need to be active and feel healthy. Chad and I try to get a run in here and there when he has the day off, it's just not at all regular.

I went with a couple of girlfriends last week to a Zumba class (my first time) at the Kearns Rec Center. Was I ever impressed with the facility! We went as a family Saturday to take a tour. (My actual goal was to intice Chad into wanting a family membership.) This is where the Oval is, where the Olympic ice skating was held in 2002. It's only 12 minutes from our home.

I am so looking forward to being able to take the kids (especially during the winter months) to play basketball, swim, etc. And I'm looking forward to getting back to classes. It doesn't take long to lose what you worked so hard for.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Getting everyone cleaned up for church today I wanted to give Matthew just a quick bath. So in he goes with Micah and Ella. They were so happy to have him join them. Micah was in charge of making sure his face didn't get in the water. He was a great help. He and Ella had fun for the couple of minutes Matthew was in there with them. Ella washed his hair for me.
Can you feel the love?Mira's looking so pretty. This is her current favorite hairstyle--half back. Now that her hair is completely filled in from her last hair-butchering episode (months and months just takes so long to grow back!), we can do a few things with it. I'm thinking we may let it grow out more, now. She is a mischievous little thing. On a daily basis I find her being sneaky getting into nail polish, my lip gloss, cutting a Barbie's hair, leaving a book outside in the rain, writing with pen on the inside of the car, ripping wallpaper off the bathroom wall...the list goes on. We almost always suspect this one first! On the other hand, she is so dang cute. I love her blonde, blonde hair with her blue-grey eyes, pink little lips, chubby little cheeks, white spaced out teeth. The way she talks is so cute. She overcorrects her 'th's. For example: "I can do it myselth!" Her 'r's are improving. Now, instead of completely omitting them, she'll say, "I'm hungwy." Because she has such a little voice, it's can be easy to gloss over what she says. But I've learned that when she talks she is usually saying something of importance. And when I really listen, I'm always rewarded. Many times I come away smiling, if not giggling over what she said.
Here are a couple of pics from the Jazz game Chad and Micah attended last week:

Friday, October 22, 2010


I swear I'm going to have early-onset dementia. I really don't trust myself to remember things well. I think I've always been like this. If it's not on my calendar, I'll likely forget it. And even then, I might forget to check the calendar!

After the kids being off track for three weeks I get a call from the school telling me Ella was in the office waiting to be picked up. I could not believe I forgot today was early out day. That really throws me for a loop. I knew I'd do this some time this year. When I got to the office Ella asked, "Mom, did you forget me?" Ugh! "No, I would never forget you. I just forgot it was eary out. Will you forgive me?" She was happy to.

Then, this afternoon, I'm trimming Matthew's little cat claw nails and accidentally trim his skin. Poor baby! It wouldn't stop bleeding and I couldn't keep a band aid on it.

So I'm feeling really good about my mothering today.

The Chills

The "chills" began when I was a kid. You know, you're a 12 year-old girl and you get with your girlfriends in a backscratching train. Then it became giving the chills. This is where you lightly run your fingertips/fingernails over an arm/back. You get goosebumps and could fall right to sleep. It's delightful! I introduced this to my kids and they absolutely love it. At nighttime they request it. At church (keep your shirt down!). When they're feeling ill. Just last night Micah was up with a headache and it helped him relax and fall asleep. Mira will say, "Mom, chill me please!" She goes into this alter-state when I do. Just zones out and is in heaven. They're even learning to give the chills. Once in a while they'll do a short-lived chill session for me. Thank you!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I think Matthew discovered his hands for the first time today. He had them nice and slobbery in front of his face. He looks at them, shoves them in his mouth for a second, pulls them out again and looks at them. A seemingly small thing, but amazing to watch.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Days with Dad

Chad regularly gives Colin and Micah turns to go with him to Real and Jazz games. They so look forward to this. As the girls get older, he'll include them. He tried taking Ella to one game, but she was bored after the first 15 minutes.

The boys get most excited about spending thier money on concessions. Before leaving for the game, Micah asked to have his face painted to show his team spirit. Chad says he was surprised at how many players Micah recognized on the field at RSL. About halfway into the game, he loses a little interest and starts talking about other subjects. Last night Micah was focused on his wiggly tooth. Chad reminds him that they are there for the game.
Colin is most interested in the players' numbers and positions. He frequently asks Chad which player is better than another. His current favorite Jazz player is Deron Williams. Can you tell how Colin feels about getting his picture taken?
And a little belated is this picture from our out to eat meal with Moms and Dads Miller and Barnett for Chad's birthday. It was right after soccer games. We went to a buffet and the kids thought that was pretty awesome. We ended up sitting right by the dessert bar--bad choice! The kids kept going past it, eyeing all the goodies. (Taken with Chad's Blackberry, so not the greatest quality.)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nothin' New

Well, unless you count our basement window well being flooded all night long and leaking into Micah's room just to be discovered in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Or our cat gone missing. Other than that, nothin' new.

$1,400 later the broken pipe's fixed. Have yet to repair Micah's wall before it grows mold. And the big sinkhole in our front yard. Sheesh. As far as the cat, we haven't seen him since Tuesday. He is constantly coming in and out of the house all day long. We've driven the neighborhood and haven't seen him pancake-style on the road. We went door-to-door asking about him. Checked with animal control. Posted an 'missing pet' ad on KSL. Nothing.

I went with a friend of mine this week to the Children's Museum at the Gateway with our collective 10 children. Afterwards we took the kids out for ice cream. They're all running around the play equipment like a bunch of monkeys and she said, "Can you believe all those kids came just from us?!" We had a little chuckle.

At the museum, Shirlayne and I are gabbing away, not paying too close attention to exactly what the kids were doing. By the time we looked, the entire back of this car was filled to overflowing with play food from the grocery store area, thanks to several little pairs of hands. Back it goes!
Oh, just look at those beautiful blue eyes. Our little one is growing up so quickly! I love it when Chad is holding him, attention on something else, without realizing that Matthew's just staring at him. Chad looks down at him, surprised at being watched so intently. It's like Matthew's trying to memorize his face. His hands are constantly in his mouth. Not his thumb. Fingers. There is a whole lotta drool this boy produces!
And Ella is in a drawing frenzy these days. It's a good thing we keep all our scratch paper. She puts it to good use. Here is a self portrait. Adorable!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fun at Cornbelly's

This is Micah's post. He uploaded the pictures and is going to dictate what to type in order to pass off his Tiger Cub.

Monday my family went to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point to have some Halloween fun and pick out pumpkins. It was really fun. What was my favorite part of the trip? My favorite part was a big monster and you go in it's mouth and you end up at the bottom. There are loud noises in it. It was scary. Here are other things you could do: You could shoot corn at cars, slide down slides (one slide was made out of pipes and was really rolly and bumpy), there was a princess area, a corn maze, a haunted corn maze (we didn't go in that), there were campfire pits (one lady gave us sticks and marshmallows to roast), hayrides, etc.

This is a carriage at the Pumpkin Princess area. The girls spent like an hour there. They watched a show, dressed up and put on wigs, and then they got to sit by the Pumpkin Princess. Her name was Penelope. The girls thought she was beautiful. She wore an orange dress with green leaves whirled around her dress.
Here is Ella dressed up next to Penelope.
Mira is the cutest little girl by Penelope.
I'm beating Colin, hooray! It's like a car. Our friends have one of these. You race it around the track. It was awesome. It was probably the fourth best thing.
Colin sad that I'm beating him. (Disclaimer: I think Colin was refusing to let Chad take his picture. He's laughing behind those hands.)
There is the monster's tail in the background that we went in and was scary. We went on a tractor ride through the corn. And we saw carved pumpkins. P.S. We also saw Abraham Lincoln carved on a pumpkin.
We are lassoing cows.
A family sitting in big Papa Bear's chair.
We are in jail. Except Colin escaped. And Mira.
Mira swinging on a horsey swing. Oh, so cute.
Mira driving the tractor and I'm gonna fall off!
We went on a hayride and Mom was waiting for us.
This is the rolly and bumpy slide I'm talking about. I love it.
We are in a corn house and those little yellow things are corn. That little head is me. They buried me. Some went down my shirt and in my ear. Seriously, Mom!
Mira wanting to get buried.
Me starting to get buried. Ella is getting buried.
Mom and Matthew waiting for us.