Friday, October 29, 2010

School Parade and Pumpkin Carving

This morning the elementary school had their Halloween parade. It was packed! Mira, Matthew, and I found a spot against the wall where we could see. I love seeing all the different costumes. The little kindergartners came through first. Here is Ella as a fairy. She used her recital costume and added wings and a wand. We put sparkles in her hair and on her face and arms. She felt quite fancy! She blew me a kiss as she passed.
Here is her teacher, Mrs. Jones as Snow White. You can see Ella on the far right.
Micah's 2nd grade class came through with Miss Peterson leading the way, dressed she Chinese?
Here's Micah. Too bad it's blurry. He's the grim reaper. We did his makeup and he thought he looked sad. We explained what 'grim' meant. I didn't get a flashy smile from him (he was trying to stay in character), but he did sign "I love you" to me. Aw!
Ms. Ryan-Davis (who, incidentally, is from Ireland!) led the way for Colin's 4th grade class. You can see Colin on the right dressed as Nick Rimando (RSL player).
He saw me. I called out to him. He ignored me. I just had to laugh to myself. He is so much like I was!
Mira is the little pirate next to Miss Jen with her Jazz dance class. The next day for her preschool parade (forgot my camera then), she was a cute little blonde Chinese girl. And tomorrow she wants to be Fancy Nancy (from the book by Jane O'Connor) for trick-or-treating.
For Family Home Evening Monday we carved our pumpkins we got from Cornbelly's. It was so much easier this year than it has been in years past. Colin and Micah were so much more involved in scooping out the guts and carving. We had it done faster than I originally thought!

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alan barnett said...

It was fun seeing all those cute pictures of the grandchildren. I haven't looked on the blog for a while. Everybody looks so cute in their Hallowen costumes. Matthew is sure getting big. Love all of you . Have a great Halloween night. I"m sure you're going to have a busy night. Grandma Barnett