Thursday, November 11, 2010

Harmony and Veteran's Day

Micah's been participating in the school's choir, Harmony. They've been practicing patriotic songs to perform for the school and family since Veteran's Day is today. Last night families were invited to come. His little friend, Ashley, also came. It was really cute and he showed lots of enthusiasm.
Here he is with his two singing buddies.

Since they're singing today for the school/community and veterans are invited to be honored, Micah's been asking who in our family is a veteran. We explained Grandpa Miller served in Viet Nam in the army and Grandpa Barnett was a reservist. He wanted to call them up and invite them to the program. So (the morning of!), he calls Grandpa Miller and explains, "Grandpa, I know you were in the army and I want to invite you to my school because we're singing for all the veterinarians." (A stifled giggle from me.) Unfortunately, Grandpa had other plans. Next year we'll plan ahead and invite the grandpas.

Thank you , veterans!

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