Monday, November 8, 2010

I Enjoy Being a Girl...and other happenings

Ella and Mira can be such good playmates. I love hearing them do this. It's all, "Now pretend I'm falling and you're coming to save me" and "Oh! Oh! I'm the loveliest princess in the world. Pretend that, okay?"
Imaginations at work:
Ella wanted to spend some of the money she's been saving up on a new Disney Polly Pocket. She's also saving up to buy her siblings Christmas presents, but it's important to be able to enjoy some of your hard-earned money. And since Ella was buying something, Mira wanted to as well.
New toys are always very exciting!
And our Matthew is getting stronger. He's rolling more. I still am unsure if he's aware he can do this, but he's doing it more and more. And he likes to try to hold a toy and everything goes into his mouth. He's cut his first tooth (which I'm not thrilled about). He's a drooling maniac right now.
Saturday morning Micah prepared breakfast. I haven't spent time with him, teaching him how to prepare food. I guess it's about time. Especially if he's showing an interest. Pancakes were the dish. He did a really great job and got creative with them. He made snowmen, Mickey (and Minnie, for the girls) Mouse, and litte itty bitty pancakes. He said the next thing he wants to learn how to make is Farmer's Breakfast. This is Colin's favorite breakfast.

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Maren and Blake said...

Micah can make breakfast for me anytime. I can't believe Matthew already cut a tooth. Our boys are late teethers.