Sunday, November 21, 2010

November Pics

Matthew was on the counter, in his car seat, while I was preparing dinner. He was just so adorable sitting there, playing and smiling. I snapped a few close ups of his smile (notice the pearly whites on the bottom?). He is our family's pride and joy. Each of the kids just loves him to pieces and helps me so much. They give him attention and loads of affection.
We woke up to a white wonderland today. We got at least a foot of snow. (It's a good thing we took inventory of all the winter clothes yesterday!) The kids went out and played around. What a change this year for me--this is the first year I haven't had to dress at least 2 kids in their winter gear. Mira only needs a little help. They can all dress themselves. Whew! Here is Micah enjoying the snow in our backyard:

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Maren and Blake said...

It was probably best you guys decided not to come, although we will take you ANYTIME! The snow looks fun and Matthew is just so kissable.