Sunday, November 28, 2010

Turnin' Four, Baby!

Purple and black were the colors. Streamers. Balloons. The birthday outfit. Lovin' it! She loved the ruffly, fancy skirt (Target has such adorable girlie clothes!). And the black purse. Oh-so-cute!
She awoke to a decked-out kitchen. (Well, actually, she caught me in the middle of putting it up the night before and I had to shoo her off to bed.) It was a day full of birthday events. But throughout the day she reminded me that she wasn't officially four until she had her birthday cake and ice cream. And it didn't happen until that night. So she refused to be four before then.
I took the girls to see the new Disney movie, "Tangled". It was great! Ella sat on my lap for about 1/3 of the movie because she was scared during some of it. But I was impressed! I'd buy it to add to our movie collection, for sure.
That evening for dinner, we took the family out to eat. This is something we hardly ever do! So they thought it was really something special. But Chad and I were reminded one of the reasons we rarely do it. Our kids will probably learn to keep their voices down in public places...someday.
And Mira taught us the most valuable lesson of all. A four year-old reserves the right to throw a righteous tantrum any dang time she pleases! And that's the truth.


Maren and Blake said...

Mira's outfit is so cute. I can't wait to have a girl, someday. We too LOVED Tangled and will definitely add it to our movie collection. What did little Miss Mira get for her birthday? I hope she got our birthday message. We were thinking about her all day. We are sad we couldn't be there for cake and ice cream.

Jennettehogan said...

Happy birthday to Mira! I will always remember her birthday is one day before Bens! I want to take the kdis to see Tangled - hopefully next week!