Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Afternoon at the Miller's

After all the hoopla at our place Christmas morning, we went to Mom and Dad's. They'd prepared a yummy meal, but the kids saw nothing but the gifts under the tree. So we let the food go cold in order to do some unwrapping. Dad had picked out a game I'd never heard of: Skittles. He played it as a kid. It's a wooden box with a top you spin, trying to knock down bowling-like pins. It will be fun. The boys got some neat books, like my parents do every year: World Record types.
Dad, the grand master of ceremonies.
Okay, this would the crowning moment of Christmas Day: Mira Being Rapunzel. Check out that hair. She was in heaven. (Especially considering the hack job she'd done to her own hair.)
Ella loved her Snow White and Littlest Pet Shop.
The hair again!
Matthew was anxious to chew on his new toy. We couldn't even get it out of the box first.
Mom and Dad got a couple of Wii games for our fam. One was a karaoke game, and the other a dancing one. Both very fun.
And...again. The final product. Dress, hair, crown, earrings. For a 4 year-old girl, it doesn't get any better than this.
So what if we had to reheat the food? Later we plugged in our Wii and did some dancing and singing. Many hours of fun to come with that! We were sent home with loads of leftovers and more high-cal treats. Just what we need!
When we got back home, I tried hiding the bags of candy we have (from parties, neighbors, etc.) from myself. In the trunk of Chad's car. Later he wondered what had happened to all the goodies. I noticed he moved them out of his trunk and into our closet so he can get to it. Fine for him, but what am I going to do with that stuff calling my name all day??
(Back at our house.) Look at our big boy learning to sit on his own!

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Marsha said...

Just wait until Mira takes that hair to the beauty shop. ;)