Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas at the Barnett's

We did the 23rd with the whole extended Barnett clan. There are so many people we have to have it at the church's Cultural Hall. We can count on: food (naturally!), a talent show, a reading of some Christmas story (used to be that Great-Grandpa Barnett would tell about part of his life), chimes, a pinata for the kids, white elephant gift exchange, and always ending with a game of Lightening. The aunts and uncles (and Mom and Dad Barnett) head this every year, without fail. They are so organized and we know we can count on it happening. It's neat to see the cousins grow. And our kids always have fun getting reacquainted. I'll have to get a picture of the group for next year...

After spending the night in North Ogden, we enjoyed Christmas Eve with Mom and Dad Barnett and Amber. Janna was so organized! She had some great activities planned for us. We painted a ceramic nativity set. You should see what it looks like after the kids and I took to our paintbrushes! The one redeeming individual is the camel Amber painted. We played Bingo (with prizes!!), decorated sugar cookies, and played other games. We ate three large meals, enough to tide us over for the week.

Here is Matthew and his first Christmas:
I wish we'd got Micah's reaction to opening "Toy Story 3". But then they opened "Karate Kid." Oh, the excitement!
Grandma and Grandpa sure did great with the kids' gifts. The top items were: Jazz Deron Williams warm up jersey for Colin, Toy Story lunch box for Micah, a Tinkerbell fairy for Ella, and Rosetta fairy for Mira.
Bingo, baby!
Decorating sugar cookies:
Thanks for such a wonderful Christmas Eve!!
And Ella's kindergarten class, along with a few others, performed a Christmas program for all the families last week. It was so great! They sang a whole bunch of songs, which they'd all learned so well. I was really impressed. Paired with that was a media presentation with each child's picture projected onto a screen with a picture he/she had drawn related to the song they were singing. What a great way to get in the Christmas spirit!

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