Saturday, December 11, 2010

Guess Who's Back?!

This guy! After weeks of him gone, we heard in a roundabout way of a family who had taken in a stray cat. Micah begged and begged me to follow up on this lead. We stopped by this afternoon and found him there. The family had taken such good care of Tiger. I felt bad taking him back. But the kids are very happy. The mother told her sad 11 year-old, "Well, the children probably prayed that they would get him back. So this is probably an answer to their prayers." And it dawned on me that she was exactly right. Happy early Christmas to us!
Mira took this one of Matthew:
Mom and Dad came up for Colin and Micah's basketball games. Here is Mom with Mira:
And loving Matthew:
I got the boys' basketball games on video. They had fun. I enjoy going to their games. Next time I'll be sure to get a few pictures of them!


Maren and Blake said...

What are your feelings about the cat being back? This was a good lesson for the kids. Sometimes Heavenly Father doesn't always work immediately. Does Tiger have a collar on him? If not, maybe it's time to invest.

Jennettehogan said...

ok, I know that this sounds bad but everyday I hope that someone takes in our cat. The kids dont pay much attention to it and I really dont think that they would notice if he wasnt around anymore!