Tuesday, December 21, 2010

One Week to Go

Sunday we went to Temple Square to see the beautiful lights. It was a nice evening to go. This time we thought the trees that had orange and yellow lights on them were the most beautiful. It gave a warm peachy look to the trees.
Inside the Visitor's Center we listened to a flute quartet. I mostly enjoyed people-watching as I sat in a corner, feeding Matthew. Chad took the kids up to see the Christus statue. A "must" when we go. Love!
Inside the Tabernacle we marvelled at how Conference used to be held here for so many years. What a difference it is to have the Conference Center, now. So many people can watch in person. This is a beautiful building, though, and served the church members well for so many years. And continues to do so.

The kids had fun playing around the fountains. They were determined to get a coin out of the water, which I discouraged. We talked about wishes. :)

Micah requested a picture for the blog of his Lego creations.
And...in other news. Guess who took scissors to her hair--again? This time, thankfully, she left the bangs alone. She was already banned from using scissors because of problems cutting clothing, dolls' hair, etc. But yesterday she and a couple of girlfriends got together and were playing "Beauty Shop," you know, wetting each other's hair, styling... Later that night I took a good look at her and noticed she had somewhat of a mullet hairstyle going on. Then it hit me. I marched her right into her room and discovered chunks of hair hiding under her bed...along with a newly-bald Barbie's pink hair. So today we made a beeline for our hair stylist to get it fixed. She did a pixie cut on Mira. What else could we do? So...another talk about scissors. Another banning of them. And here we are:

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Marsha said...

Ha, ha, ha. At least she looks cute with a pixie cut. Now she can pretend she is a fairy. :)